To be very honest running away might not be the best solution to your problems but at times one feels overwhelmed and defeated that the only option that seems simple enough is to run away.

So while planning to run away from h0ome you really need a mental checklist of how you are going to execute the plan.

More importantly, how are you going to run away from home without raising too much suspicion or getting caught. Well here are some easy steps or ways that can help you in the execution of this plan.

However, before coming to a final decision of running away you need to understand that the journey as soon as you step out of your house will not be as flowery as you might have imagined it to be so be prepared to get a reality check. follow these simple steps that will help you in running away.

Steps to run away from home:

Step 1: The planning stage

Now you cannot really execute a plan haphazardly there are so many things you would have to take into consideration. the first step involves planning ahead which would essentially include saving money, deciding where you will be staying, think about all possible negative scenarios, and how you will deal with them all.

Food is another very important aspect that will be a part of this stage that you will have to take into consideration.

Start stocking up on some snacks or protein bars that will be useful when you are on the road and keep some medicines as well in case you end up getting sick. These are some of the essential possibilities and issues that you might deal with.

Step 2: Where to go?

In continuation of the first step, you need to find a place to stay maybe share a space with someone who your trust temporarily.

Everything might seem ideal in movies or in books but in reality, things are not the same so you need to have clarity about certain things as well.

You cannot really copy a movie and hop on a bus to take you to a faraway town where you can restart your life without anyone asking you any questions.

So it is of utmost importance to be cautious about where you would go once you run away from home and where will you stay.

Step 3: Start packing to run away from home

Start packing your essentials especially food, money, and medicines in your bag. Do not overpack only carry essentials with you as it might be difficult to handle stuff if you pack too much. pack a small umbrella, a blanket, and a jacket as well.

Other essential items such as shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. should also be packed as well. Do not take too much stuff otherwise, people might notice the things that have gone missing so be careful.

Step 4: When to leave

The most crucial part of this plan would be to decide the ideal time to leave preferably a time when no one is around you or when no one would really become suspicious.

If you are going to be home alone for a longer period of time then this would be an ideal time for you. It would give some time before your parents find out that you have left.

If you want to leave a note stating the reason why you are leaving or to tell someone before leaving then that is up to you. When actually leaving the house be very fast to not raise suspicions and to avoid getting caught by any neighbor.

Keep your movements calm yet quick and your body language as normal as possible.

When leaving things might get emotional for you but it is important to have clarity in your mind and do not let your emotions overrule your plan that you have mapped out. One needs to have a plan to run away from home.

Despite the fact that we have provided you with some steps that you can adopt which will enable you to run away from home but one suggestion would be to keep this idea as a last resort.

Make sure that before running away you must exhaust all possible options. Keep in mind the people you might end up hurting in the process of you running away and how will they cope with your sudden disappearance. Also, be prepared for all types of situations that you might have to encounter.

If you are dealing with something serious then seek professional help who can help you in the most effective manner.

Talk to someone that might help you in untangling your emotions and would be able to understand your predicament. Life is tough sometimes you have to deal with stuff rather than running away from it as you might not be able to run away from it forever.

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