Hulu is an online movie running platform centered on America. It torrents web series of diverse nature and period drama for people who are paid subscribers of the USA. Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumers and International jointly enjoy the proprietorship of this app. The shows people see through this platform have high TRP.

How to Get Rid of Ads on Hulu?

Whenever you are streaming video on any online streaming platform, you would definitely like to enjoy nonstop entertainment. Unnecessary pause and interruption spoil the mood as well as the environment of watching the show. So, most people think to get some way to get rid of the ads which come in the middle of the show and interrupt your entertainment.

To stop the ads from interrupting your show on Hulu here are the steps.

  • Firstly you have to turn the home screen on one of the devices in which you are watching the show.
  • Then highlight the search bar by touching on it or through the keys of the remote at the top left corner. Now type to search the downloader on the search bar.
  • There a popup will appear for you with the downloader option. Now click on that. In the next step, you need to search for and click on ‘Go’ which appears on the screen.
  • The logo of Blokada will appear then and you have to scroll down to the ‘Download’ option for a different version of OS.
  • Now touch your desired one to download it. You will get options to ‘Install’ it and make it work in your device.

Block Hulu Ads 2019

The appearance of the ads during the show streaming is always an annoying situation for movie lovers. So many companies have tried hard and have made different applications to block ads from appearing during the show. Likewise, Pi-hole, which is a Linux supported application helps a lot in blocking ads.

  • The main use of this app is to block the ads at the network level and it also works as an internet tracker. The basic function of this app is as a Domain Name Server sinkhole which restricts the interference of unwanted ads in the private networking structure. This was formed by Jacob Salmela as an alternative to AdTrap. After that numerous other aids have been programmed into this app.
  • It has the capability to restrict the old-style commercials on the websites. Pi-hole can restrict the ads from the realm at the grid level. This is the reason; people consider this app as very beneficial to restrict the commercials. Not only during the streaming of the videos, but this app is also helpful to restrict the ads which often appear in web pages like banner ads and so on. It is also beneficial to block ads at unusual sites such as android, windows, and such other Operating Systems.

How to Skip Hulu Ads on Xbox? (How do I Get Rid of Ads on Hulu for Free)

 It’s really annoying to view the same ads time and again. So if you want to get rid of these ads, then you need to follow these steps.

  • Get your Hulu started on the Xbox. It will take some seconds to load. Now click on Favorites and get into your favorite video.
  • Now when your video is starting to play, use the fast forward mode to skip the ads by using Enounce MySpeed software.

How to Skip Hulu Ads on PS4?

PS4 or PlayStation 4 is the 8th generation of the home video game console. Sony Computer Entertainment has developed the model which is the next generation of PlayStation 3.

  • In this PS4, you will get an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit. It has helped to enhance the integration as well as interaction with other devices.
  • This console has the support of HDR10 ‘High Dynamic-Range’ video. The playback resolution is of 4K multimedia.
  • When the matter is to block ads on Hulu, PS4 can be a better solution in that case. PS$ is actually a new interface through which you can log into the Hulu app.
  • It has some customized options for you so that you can enjoy a personalized experience of video streaming without any kind of interference.
  • First of all, you need to get to the home screen and then to the ‘Settings’ option. You will see a briefcase which is the marker of the option. Therefore you need to scroll down and get into ‘Systems’.
  • Now highlight the option ‘Automatic Downloads’ and you will get Featured Content in the very first box. You will get a checkbox beside it and now uncheck the box. It will restrict the featuring of ads into your home screen.

How to Get Rid of DS on Hulu with Disney Plus?

The most interesting thing in Hulu is that you can subscribe to Disney Plus through it. For this, you need to sign up to the Hulu sign up page and select the ‘Sign Up Now’ option. Now you need to pay the amount for the subscription and make Disney Plus active through the settings.

  • The most operative process to block ads on Hulu is to contribute to the finest variety of it. It will abolish pop up ads that interrupt you in relishing a movie. This is very operational as no ads will appear to disturb you throughout how.
  • You can enliven the page whereas the ad seems to the home screen. Take distinct care while you are going to open the app and dodge opening twofold tabs at the same time.

How do I Get Adblock on Hulu?

The first and foremost method to get rid of ads in the Hulu subscription is to use the Adblock browser plug-in. Adblock doesn’t remove the ads from the program but it brings a black screen on it. So if you don’t mind seeing that black screen, then it is the best option for you.


  • Hulu is an American video streaming site to stream web series and period drama.
  • Subscribe to Hulu premium plans to enjoy uninterrupted services and movie streaming.
  • Change in settings and subscribe to some other streaming networks too through Hulu.