There are many ways of treating yourself after you receive your hard-earned money. You can decide to enjoy your dinner in one of the best hotels in town. Or buy stylish leather boots. This is where our topic guide revolves.  Leather boots are hard and durable.

When they are new, they may be uncomfortable and cause blisters to your legs. Throwing them away is not a solution we would recommend. We want to help you continue wearing your boots. For that reason, this article gives you various ways in which you can soften your hard leather boots.

How to Soften Leather with Saddle Soap

Saddle soap contains crucial components that work best in giving your leather boots a soft feel the soft feel. The process of using the saddle soap on your leather boot is more straightforward and quick. For this process to be successful, you may need to incorporate other items such as alcohol, and Vaseline alias petroleum jelly.

  • Prepare the leather boots
  • Before anything else prepare, your leather boots and make them ready for this procedure. Use a damp cloth to clean them. There is no need to clean the boots if they are still new. The sole purpose of cleaning your boots is to wipe the dust to make it to proceed with other steps.
  • Get a cotton ball and soak it in rubbing alcohol. Ensure that the cotton ball is well damped with alcohol.
  • Rub the boots repeatedly until they are well saturated. This works miraculously in loosening up the leather.
  • Get a damp cloth and rub it on the Surface of saddle soap. Rub it continuously until it develops a lather.
  • Take the damp cloth that has saddle soap on it and rub your leather boots.
  • Leave the leather boots for some time for them to dry.
  • Once the boots have dried, apply petroleum jelly on them. You can use your fingers to ensure even distribution of the jelly. By now, you should fill that your leather boots t soft.

NB: You must have noticed that we have indicated the use of alcohol in step 2. This is not the normal alcohol that you find in a liquor store. Applying that kind of alcohol on your shoe will only give it a weird smell. You can get rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol at a drug store or supermarket. With that information, you are now good to go.

If you feel that this method is not working for you, then consider using mint oil. This oil works best in restoring the dried out leather. Also, mint oil comes to stop further cracking of your leather boots. The process of applying mint oil is easy and straight forward. Here is a step by step guide of applying mint oil.

  1. Prepare the leather boots
  • The preparation is the same as when applying saddle soap.
  1. Apply mint oil
  • Mint oil is a soft thick waxy substance. It is advisable that you use a dry cloth to apply on your leather boots.
  • The best method of applying mint oil on leather boots is to melt it and ensure it is runny. This ensures the oil gets in all regions that are causing you blisters.
  • Rub the oil in all the seams and joints.
  1. Leave the leather shoe for 24 hours
  • The time duration you leave your leather boot to soak in mint oil determines how your soft your boot becomes. Suppose you can give your boot more time, the better. This is because the leather is able to absorb more moisture.
  • Ensure you flex the boots around the rear beam.
  1. Work on the remaining oil
  • You can notice after 24 hours; there is some mint oil that is left and is yet to be absorbed. Use your index finger and work in patches to ensure that much of the mint oil has been absorbed.
  • You can use a heat gun on your leather shoe. This ensures that your boots have absorbed almost all the mint oil you had applied.
  1. Polish your boots
  • Complete the process by applying the polish you normally use. Now it should be much easier to break into your boots. You don’t have to worry about blisters you are now good to go. Polish them until they shine. Being smart should be your weakness.
  1. Wear the shoes
  • You may want to feel whether there is some change immediately after completing the process. You can walk with them for half a day. This complements the work you did before, and it is always advisable to do it.

Tips: If you want to bypass all this process, then you can purchase shoe stretchers. You only need to fill them in your boots and leave there for some time. You realize that they will do the job done for you with time.  Also, you can purchase a stretching spray. This speeds up the process, and you don’t have to wait for eternity for your shoes to soften. These are some ways that can help you bypass the steps we have listed above.

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