Are you troubled by your dog running out of the house to the nearest street corner? Is this happening despite you have taken all the necessary precautions to keep your pet inside the compound? If this answer to both the questions is yes, then either your dog requires more discipline or you need to secure the fence further.

Why do Dogs Jump Over the Fence?

There are a variety of reasons why dogs develop a tendency to jump fences. Among the most common of them is the compelling reason to chase an animal they spot on the other side. In other words, if they feel threatened by an animal they fear could intrude into their private space, a chase is bound to happen. In addition, they may be tempted to jump over if they spot a friendly dog. After all, dogs like humans too suffer from loneliness and anxiety pangs. Finally, boredom could possibly tempt them to play mischief by jumping over the fence and enjoy play8ng with the owner chasing them.

  • Dogs jump over the fence if they are compelled to chase an animal they feel could be a threat.
  • They may jump out to look for a mate.
  • In addition, dogs may play mischief to kill boredom.

How to Prevent Dogs from Jumping Fence?

As a dog owner, you can explore many options to avoid your dog from jumping over the fence in your backyard or the front lawn. For instance, this requires some behavioral changes in the dog. If that does not work then physical intervention is required to avoid situations when the dog is running off from the secured compound.

1.  Behavioral Pattern of the Dog

Observe your dog’s behavior. In other words, make sure the physical and social needs of the dog are being fulfilled.

  • For instance, regular walks for the dog are a must. This gives him or she much required physical exercise. In addition, it provides an opportunity to explore new sights and smells. Moreover, dogs demand attention. Make sure you are giving him or her enough of your time.
  • Finally, a crucial aspect of rearing dogs is to provide a healthy environment. In other words, there should be enough playing area for them.

In addition, ensure they get enough space to dig and have ways to access toys such as a tennis ball or plastic balls to play with.

  • Make sure your dog shows normal social and physical behavioral signs.
  • Give your dog regular walks.
  • There should be enough space for the dog to play in.
  • Make the yard, a play area rather than a prison for the dog.

2.  Remove All Aids for Jumping

Make sure there are no objects in close and easy proximity of the fence that may aid in the dog jumping over it. For instance, a ladder or a garbage box could so easily become a stepping tool for the dog. In addition, a tree with a low branch or a pile of firewood too can help the dog escape over the fence.

  • Remove any object that may help the dog jump over the fence.
  • For instance, cut low branches of a tree in your backyard.
  • Do not place a garbage box or pile up firewood in easy proximity of the dog.

3.  Restrict Visibility of the Dog

A low fence can easily tempt dogs to jump over because they get an unrestricted view of the world outside. Therefore, raise the height of the fence so that the dog does not get ideas about jumping over to have some fun. In other words, cut down the visibility from inside the fenced compound. This can be done in more ways than just by raising the height of the fence which may be a slightly more expensive option. For instance, you can plant shrubs and grow vines on the fence.

  • Low fences tempt dogs to jump over as they provide an unrestricted view of the outside.
  • You can raise the height of the fence.
  • In addition, plant shrubs and vines along the fence to restrict the view.

You can watch the following video to get tips on why dogs jump over the fence and how to prevent them from doing so.

How do You Stop a Dog from Digging Under a Fence?

Digging under the fence is another menace owners have to deal with. There are dogs which when unable to jump over the fence find digging under it as a way to escape from the secured compound. To avoid dogs from digging under the fence you can opt for one or a combination of the following things.

  • Place a chicken wire below the original fence.
  • Grow friendly bushes and shrubs on the fence.
  • Hammer wood planks on the vulnerable spots.

Finally, Some Tips on how to Stop a Dog from Jumping Fence

  • Make the secured compound dog friendly.
  • Provide the dog with playing tools and toys.
  • Let the place feel like a refuge and not a prison for the dog.
  • Give the dog enough time, so that he or she does not feel lonely.
  • Grow dog-friendly shrubs and bushes.
  • Cut off the visibility of the dog to the outside world.
  • Address the behavioral issues in the dog before creating physical obstacles.

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