We have seen that the new floor seems to be shiny and glossy whereas over the years due to wear and tear, this glossy finish fades away and leaves a dirty coating on the top of the floor.

And hence, it needs to be stripped away.

The glossy finish is due to the wax coating on the floor. This wax helps the floor to look attractive, and prevent it from stains and scratches.

Let’s dive into the process of stripping and waxing the floors.


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To initialize the waxing process, we need to remove all the wax off the floor. Hence, we must strip off the wax and then add a layer of wax. So, here we go.

1. Purchase a Suitable Stripper According to Your Floor Type

There are so many types of floor and different types of floors require different floor finish strippers. The floor made up of hardwood, might damage if we use any other floor stripper.

  • To make sure what type of floor stripper you are using, check the label before buying. For best results, consider using the floor finish stripper of the same brand as the floor wax used on that particular floor, see here for more details with YouTube video.
  • Some of the floor finish strippers ensure ‘no rinse’ formula which means we don’t have to wash the floor after stripping. However, some people prefer washing the ‘No Rinse’ strippers also.
  • Some of the floor strippers that are suitable to all climates can consist of a logo as ‘Tera Choice’ in Canada & ‘Green Seal’ in the U.S.

2. Rent a Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner & an Electric Floor Scrubber

Renting these tools will make the task simple. The electric floor scrubber will help you out to easily scrub the floor and get off all the sealers and floor finish from the floor. Here, the wet-dry vacuum will suck up all the mess that is left over after the scrubbing process.

  • Well, another alternative for dry-wet vacuum is to look for the scrubber that consists of squeegee attachments that works more like a wet-dry vacuum.
  • Floor scrubbers come in many sizes. It is highly recommended to use large-sized scrubbers as they will finish the task effectively and efficiently.

3. Clean the Floor Such that No Dust Particle is Left & Make it Bare

Now, in this step, we need to move all the furniture or other things out of the room. And we have to sweep or vacuum the floor such that no dust particle is left over.

4. Ventilate the Area of the Room

  • The floor strippers must be used in a well-ventilated area. If there are no doors and windows then make sure to switch on the fans and wear a respirator mask.
  • Make sure that the fans must not be facing directly towards the floor as this will dry out the floor finish stripper and this will lead to bad stripping.

5.  Take the Additional Precautions

We believe that before indulging in any activity we need to take the safety measures. This will prevent us from any mishap.

  • As we know that floor finish strippers are made from harsh chemicals so it is highly recommended to always wear gloves and goggles. If touched with bare hands it can damage our skin as well as eyes. So, always wear a full-sleeved shirt and trousers to cover the maximum parts of your body.
  • In case, if you contact the floor finish stripper, run to the nearest running water faucet and rinse your eyes and skin for 15 minutes.

Test the Stripper and then Initialize the Process

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Before stepping into the process of stripping, it is very important to test the stripper.

For this, you need to find a place that comes under some heavy furniture or a corner. Test the stripper in that area. Some of the old linoleum floors can damage or can color bleed while applying the stripper.

So, for these floors, you will definitely require a different stripper.

· Planning & Plotting is a Must

It is an essential step to plan the area that you first have to strip. It can be a corner that is starting from the exit or far away from the exit that completely depends on you.

· You Need to Gather 3 Buckets with Heavy-Duty Trash Bags

The stripping process takes a hell lot of trash out. So, if we need to quickly clean up the things then we need to gather 3 buckets with heavy-duty trash bags so that the buckets will not destroy.

· Prepare the Mixture

Mostly the floor finish strippers require the dilution process before getting started. This helps in easy application and safe to use. Now, mix the floor finish stripper and water as per instructions.

· Get Ready a Bucket Full of Water

We will require a bucket full of water for the cleaning process after the wax has been removed from the floor.

· Fill the Third Bucket with Tools

Gather all the tools that are used in this process. This will help you out to sort the things out easily and without any mess. You will require two mops, scrapers, scrubbers, putty knives, brushes, etc.

· Mop the Floor Finish Stripper off the Floor

In this step, we need to spread the stripper using a mop. Here, you will require two mops part of the area and then use each mop efficiently. Apply sufficient coat of the stripper but do not over-coat it such that it leads to soak between the cracks and all. So, be careful about that.

· Scrub the Floor

Use an electric scrubber and scrub the area where you have applied the stripper coat. Always wear rubber gloves.

· Use Other Tools for Scrubbing in the Corners

Use some other tools like a putty knife, toothbrush, etc. to scrub effectively in the corners.

· Rinse off the Stripper and Clean the Area

After cleaning the floor, let it dry before you wax it.


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All the hardest part is over, now waxing is somewhat easy. So, let’s enroll.

  • Carefully read the instructions on the wax/ finish.
  • Use a new clean mop to apply a layer all over the floor in different sections.
  • Make sure that the area is well-ventilated.
  • Let the wax dry completely.
  • Apply additional layers if required.

How Long does it Take to Strip & Wax Floors?

This completely depends on the size of the floor and the tools you are using. If you are using a large electric scrubber then it will take around 5 hours for the whole process. Also, it depends on how well the area is ventilated.

How Much does it Cost to Strip & Wax a Floor?

Well, different areas have different pricing. But the genuine areas will prefer to charge $0.99- $1.32 per square foot. This is the initial price and can lead to a high price according to your locality.

You can also try it out yourself by following the above-mentioned procedure.


  • Always go for the precautions. Your safety comes first. Make sure to wear goggles and rubber gloves. Also, ensure that you cover the maximum parts of your body. So, always wear full-sleeved clothing.
  • If we are doing the stripping and waxing ourselves. Make sure to let the floor dry completely no matter how much time it takes for drying out.
  • Before using any floor finish stripper or wax/finish. Always read the instructions carefully on the packaging of the product.
  • Before buying, enquire well about the product. Take the advice from the shopkeeper or the manufacturer. Also, make sure what your floor type is. If you use any other type that is not suitable to your floor. Then this will destroy the floor surface.

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