No doubt receiving a box with an elegant ribbon tied around it gives joy to a lot of people.

If there’s something that symbolizes the essence of gift-giving perfectly, it’s a colorful gift box with a Tiffany Bow tied around itJewelry maker Tiffany is one of the establishments that use this ribbon tying method to make their product packaging more appealingThe tie is both functional and aesthetic: it seals the package perfectly while giving it an aesthetic look.

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Sending a gift with the perfect wrapping enhances the experience for both the giver and the receiver. You can make it using any box and will always look good. If you believe that each detail is important in making gifts, then this bow is a no brainer. Fortunately, the Tiffanny Bow is easy to do and learn. You can make it with your eyes close in minutes. Here’s how to tie your gift ribbons.

1. Measuring The Ribbon

To get the right length of ribbon, wrap it around the box for at least five times. Cut off the excess ribbon. Next, wrap your ribbon against the box, but make sure that there is a short and long side. Form an “x” shape using both the short and the long sides of the ribbon. You should have a result like this.

2. Folding And Wrapping

The Tiffany Bow is known for its unique four ribbons wrapped around its body. To do that, while you’re in the “x” form, fold the long side of the ribbon, as you would with a paper airplane. It should look like the picture here.

And then wrap it all around the box. Your newly folded ribbon should be below the long ribbon. Your result should be similar to the picture here.

3. Tuck The Longer Ones Below

Next, tuck the long ribbon below and pull it on the other side. Make sure that all the long ribbon will be on the other side. Now, tie up everything in one place.

Tighten up everything by pulling both the long and short ends of the ribbon in other directions. Once you’re done, you should have the initial tie that looks like this.

4. Make A Loop Using The Shorter Ribbon

For the actual fancy part, make a loop using the short ribbon. The loop should not be too small or too big. It should be just the right size of the bow that you want.

5. Get The Longer Ribbon And Wrap It Around The Loop

Get the end of the long ribbon and wrap it on the new loop that you made.

Catch the long ribbon using the finger that holds the loop. This will make another loop, in which you would insert the long ribbon. Don’t insert it as is, fold the ribbon to look like another loop.

6. Tying the Knot

To initially tie the knot, all you have to do is to tighten up the loops. Pull both loops in the opposite direction to create two overarching loops and lovely tails below it.

7. Cut The Excess Ribbons

Adjust the size of the ribbon by pulling the two ends to tailor the loop. If you pull the tails, the loops will shrink in size, and vice versa. Cut any excess ribbon from the tail. And there you go, you have your gift fancily wrapped an ala Tiffanny. We hope you enjoy your gift wrapping session.

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