Many people consider their cars an extension of their personality. They like to jazz up their cars in order to give it a stylish look. Tinting tail lights are a popular way to upgrade the appearance of cars. You can easily tint the tail lights by following simple instructions.

Tinting Tail Lights

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Tinting tail lights is an easy way to make your car look funky. You can either give your car to a garage service or do it on your own. Tinting tail lights is easy and requires some basic materials.

  • In order to tint the tail lights, you will have to remove the taillights. Thus, the first step is to take the tail lights out.
  • Next, open the car trunk and remove the carpet liner. You will see bolts that secure the taillights.
  • Remove the bolts carefully. Also, disconnect the bulbs to avoid damaging it.

How to Prepare Tail Lights for Tint?

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Once you remove the tail lights from the car, you need to clean them. For this step, you require sandpaper, dish soap, water, and a towel.

  • For tinting the tail lights, the surface needs to be smooth. Thus, using sandpaper, you should rub the tail light till it is smooth.
  • Once you are done with sanding, you can clean the surface with a clean towel. You can also use dish soap.
  • Repeat the sanding process until the surface of the tail light is completely smooth. Now you can start tinting your tail lights.

How to Tint Headlights with Spray?

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Now that the taillights are clean, you can begin the process of tinting it. Using a spray canister, you can easily tint the tail lights.

  • First, put masking tape on the areas that you do not wish to tint. Take a spray and give it a proper shake. Next, spray it evenly on both the taillights.
  • Once both the lights look the same color, leave them to dry. Leave the lights to dry for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Repeat this process 2 more times and leave the lights under the sun to dry.

Tinting Tail Lights with Clear Coat

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After using the spray, the next step is to use a clear coat on the taillights. Make sure that the lights are dry.

  • Put the lights on your work surface and apply a clear coat. Then, let it dry for at least 20 minutes.
  • People generally apply 7-10 layers of clear coat. It is time-consuming. However, it gives the best results.
  • Follow the steps to apply a clear coat 7-10 times. Let the clear layer dry before applying another layer. The clear coat can give the tail lights a rich, glossy look.

How to Tint Tail Lights with Paint?

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According to experts, using a transparent vinyl sheet is the best way to tint tail lights. However, some people prefer to use paint.

  • Many people use custom paint spray to tint their tail lights. It gives the car a sporty and trendy look.
  • One must be careful while using paint for tinting tail lights. Both the taillights should look the same.
  • After the application of paint, one needs to use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. This gives a sleek look to the taillights. Clean the surface and your tail lights are ready.

Can You Vinyl Wrap Tail Lights?

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You can also use a vinyl wrap to tint your tail lights. This process is a little difficult. However, with a little bit of practice, it can be done.

  • Firstly, cut the vinyl sheet in approximate size. It is advisable to cut a bigger size to be on the safe side.
  • Next, remove the adhesive layer and spray some alcohol on it. Hence, you will have time to adjust the sheet on the tail light.
  • Now, cover the sheet over the tail light. Remove any bubbles that form. Finally, cut the excess vinyl sheet from the taillights.

How Dark can You Tint Your Tail Lights?

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In different countries, there are rules to follow when it comes to tinting tail lights. It is illegal to tint your tail lights in some countries.

  • As a rule, the color of your light should not change. Thus, a yellow light remains yellow and a red light remains red.
  • However, you can tint your lights to a certain degree. As long as the light is visible from a distance, it is okay.
  • In conclusion, the lights should be bright enough. One cannot dim the light by more than fifty percent.

Can You Use Window Tint for Tail Lights?

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Many people try to use window tint for tail lights. However, experts suggest that it is not a favorable thing to do.

  • Window tint is not suitable to use for tail lights. It is a different material.
  • The tint for tail lights is thicker as compared to window tint. Thus, window tint is not a good alternative.
  • Tail Lights have to sustain in different weather conditions. Thus, window tint will not be useful for that purpose.
  • Window tint is too thin. As a result, experts suggest not using it for tail lights.

How to Tint Tail Lights with Plasti Dip?

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Plasti dip is another common ingredient found in people’s garage. However, it is not useful to tint tail lights with plasti dip.

  • Plasti dip compromises the visibility of the taillights. Therefore, it may be illegal in some states.
  • It is also not suitable for the texture of the taillights. Further, it may damage the protective layer of the taillights.
  • For people who still wish to use plasti dip, apply plasti dip on the taillights. Thereafter, use a clear coat to refine the look.
  • In conclusion, it is not advisable to use plasti dip on tail lights.

How to Tint Tail Lights Red?

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There are two ways in which you can tint your tail lights red. First, you can use vinyl sheets. Second, you can use spray paint.

  • Vinyl sheets are a good option to tint your tail lights red. These are legal and safe.
  • Many times, vinyl sheets are available specifically for tail lights. Thus, you do not have to make many adjustments.
  • You can also use red spray paint to tint your tail lights. However, it should not be too dark. It is important that the taillights are visible from a distance. Thus, a bright tint is a good option.

How to Tint Tail Lights Black?

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It is illegal in many states to tint the tail lights black. Therefore, make sure to check the laws in your state before you tint your tail lights.

  • There are some cases in which a person can tint their tail lights black. However, these are exceptions and are not the norm.
  • A person can tint their tail lights black if they do not drive the car on the road. Thus, it is necessary that the car is not taken out of the garage.
  • People use black tint for their tail lights for aesthetic purposes.

How much does it Cost to Tint Tail Lights?

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If you tint the tail lights on your own, it is not very expensive. However, if you take your car to a professional garage, they may charge a high amount.

  • Depending upon the materials you choose, it may cost anywhere between $20 and $70. If you already have materials with you, it will be cheaper.
  • On the other hand, a car shop may charge around $100-$200 to tint your tail lights.
  • If you use a spray to tint your tail lights, it will be cheaper. However, it may fade over time. Vinyl sheets are long-lasting in comparison.

How Much Time does it Take to Tint Tail Lights?

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Tinting tail lights is a fairly easy thing to do. It is not very time-consuming. However, you must have all the tools and materials ready with you.

  • A single coat of both the tail lights can easily be done in an hour and a half. Thereafter, it takes around 30 minutes for the paint to dry.
  • According to this, it will take you 4-5 hours to finish 3-4 layers of coating. This includes the time for the paint to dry.
  • On the other hand, using a vinyl sheet is less time-consuming. It will take around 2 hours.

The Best Method to Tint Tail Lights

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There are various methods to tint tail lights of your car. Overall, using a transparent vinyl sheet is the best method to tint tail lights.

  • Vinyl sheets do not affect the visibility of the lights. Thus, there are no legal complications involved in this method.
  • The vinyl sheets are available according to different sizes of the taillights. Therefore, it is convenient.
  • The sheets provide a protective layer to the taillights. Thus, they retain the quality of the taillights. Vinyl sheets are long-lasting and do not require frequent maintenance.


  • Check the laws in your state before you decide to tint your tail lights.
  • Properly clean the surface of the tail lights before you start with the tinting process.
  • Be careful when you remove and attach the tail lights to the car.

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