The Bisell Proheat cleaner is known for its efficiency in removing dirt and dust that would otherwise be left if you used a regular vacuum cleaner.

Here are some steps on how to use this product properly:

  1. Get to know your Bisell Proheat cleaner first

Before you could start using your cleaner, it’s best to get to know its different parts and special features first. This product is composed mainly of four components: the handle assembly, upper hose rack, lower body and lower hose rack.

To assemble your Bisell Proheat cleaner, follow these steps:

  • You will need a Phillips head screwdriver to assemble your cleaner. Start by sliding the handle assembly into the lower body and securing them together with two long screws.
  • Put the upper hose rack at the back of the handle assembly by simply pushing it into the open slats and sliding them down until they snap in place.
  • Attach the lower hose rack to the lower body assembly by securing them with two short screws.
  • Attach the tough stain tool onto the end of the hose and wrap the flex hose around the hose rack to secure it.

The Bisell Proheat deep cleaner has several features that you won’t find in your typical vacuum cleaner:

  • DirtLifter PowerBrush. This power brush is specifically designed to help make this deep cleaner more efficient than its counterparts. This is due to a specially designed bristle pattern that lifts out even the deepest dirt without damaging your carpet fibers.
  • Built-in Heater. All Bissell Proheat products are outfitted with a patented built-in heater that can heat hot tap water by up to 25 degrees hotter to make sure that your carpet or upholstery is really cleaned deeply.

But you don’t have to worry about overheating because the machine has a heater switch on the side to control the heat when you are cleaning delicate rugs or carpets and it also never allows the water temperature to reach more than 180 degrees.

  • 2-in-1 water tank. The Bissell Proheat deep cleaner features a 2-in-1 water tank bladder for clean water. But it doesn’t allow dirty water from mixing with clean water through a mechanism that separates dirty water on the outside of the bladder. This design allows for efficient use of tank space while making sure that you only carry one tank.
  • Ready Tools dial. This feature allows you to choose between cleaning using TOOLS and floor cleaning. If you use the TOOLS setting, this will enable you to clean stairs, baseboards, upholstery and other hard to reach areas.
  1. Know the right cleaning formulas to use with your cleaner

Keep in mind that you should only use authentic Bissell cleaning formulas with your Bissell Proheat deep cleaner to avoid any damages to your machine, which could also void your warranty. So before you could start cleaning, get to know the different cleaning formulas offered by Bissell first:

  • Bissell Stain and Pet Stain PreTreat. Before cleaning your carpet, you should apply a PreTreat formula from Bissell to make sure that stubborn spots and stains are really removed. The Stain PreTreat is used to loosen even the toughest stains while the Pet Stain PreTreat is used mainly to remove tough pet odors and stains.
  • Bissell Wash and Remove+Antibacterial. This formula is ideal for cleaning surfaces and removing odor and bacteria growth in carpets, upholstery and rugs.
  • Bissell Wash and Protect. This range of cleaning formulas includes professional stain and odor for the most stubborn stains, pet stain and odor for stains caused by pets and stain and odor. All these products include the trademark Scotchguard Protector that helps keep your carpet and upholstery safe while deep cleaning them.
  • Bissell Wash and Remove. This is a concentrated cleaning formula with Oxy that uses Bissell’s Active Oxygen Technology to remove the toughest stains like coffee, tea, wine, grape juice and soda.
  • Bissell Wash and Refresh. This range is combined with Febreze to make your space smell fresh after cleaning. It includes Febreze Blossom and Breeze, Febreze Cotton Fresh and Natural Orange.
  1. Prepare the space that you’d like to clean

If you’re cleaning an entire room, try to move furniture out of the space if possible or at least move them to one area of the room so you can really clean each surface thoroughly.

If you have a dry vacuum cleaner, vacuum the area first to get rid of surface dirt and make deep cleaning a lot more efficient. It’s also best to plan your cleaning route ahead.

You have the option to pre-treat the area that you’d want to clean, especially if there are tough stains on the carpet or if this room is a high traffic area.

  1. Fill the water tank

Remove the 2-in-1 water tank from the base of the machine and carry it to the sink. Unattach the lid and locate the built-in measuring cup. Use this to get hot tap water that you will pour into the bladder.

Fill only up to the indicated fill line to avoid spillage. Return the tank to the machine and test it before using the cleaner to make sure that it’s secure.

  1. Start cleaning your carpet

Simply plug your Bissell Proheat deep cleaner into an outlet and set your Ready Tools dial to Floor Cleaning. Turn the power on and wait for a minute to give time for the built-in heater to warm up.

Once it’s ready, use your foot to press the gray handle release so you can start cleaning.

  1. Learn how to clean your hard floor

You can also use the Bissell Proheat deep cleaner to clean your hard floor. Just make sure that you are using the right tool and cleaning formula. Sweep or dry vacuum the floor so that you can get rid of any debris before deep cleaning by using the Bissell Proheat.

Then, use only the Bissell 2x Hard Floor Solutions Formula and attach the hard floor tool to the bottom of the machine by simply hooking it until it clicks into place.

Follow the same instructions in filling your water tank with hot tap water and start cleaning your hard floor using the deep cleaner When you’re done cleaning, don’t forget to remove the hard floor tool and clean it before putting in storage.

It’s important that you use only the hard floor tool when cleaning hard floor surfaces to avoid the risks of electric shock and fire.

The takeaway

The Bissell Proheat deep cleaner is definitely a great investment if you want to clean your carpet, upholstery, rugs, hard floor and other surfaces professionally without hiring carpet cleaners.

This revolutionary product is a favorite among homemakers and professionals because of its quality and efficiency.

Just make sure to read your user’s manual to really understand the product and know how to properly take care of it so you can enjoy your machine for a long time.