Can you machine wash linen sheets?

Machine Cycle

Always wash your linen bedding on your machine’s gentle cycle to help protect it’s beautiful, natural fibre. If it’s possible to select the water level in your washing machine, always use the maximum offered. Your bedding should be able to move around freely in the machine.

How often should I wash my linen sheets?

It’s generally recommended to wash bed linens every one to two weeks to keep this build-up at bay, but the exact frequency depends on the type of fabric, the type of bed linen, and whether or not you have pets or unique health conditions.

Can you tumble dry linen?

You can wash linen on very high temperatures, but this makes it stiffer when dried. To dry, tumble dry on a cooler temperature with a tumble dryer sheet, or line dry. If you like your linen bedding to be stiffer, washing it as normal without a softener and drying it flat or on a line will give it a lovely crisp feel.

Do linen sheets shrink?

Yes. Linen will shrink if proper care isn’t used with this textile. This is especially true if linen fabric is washed and dried using high heat. And, once a piece of fabric shrinks, it may be irreparable.