Backpacks are essential items in our wardrobe.

They come in handy for a lot of timesWhether you are going trekking or camping, or you need one for everyday use, backpacks are essentials and can be very helpfulAt times, it can also be hard to look for good quality backpacksWhile browsing, one looks at various aspects such as how spacious it is, or what the texture is likeOne thing most people overlook is how versatile it is when washing is concernedTaking care of backpacks is crucial as it is very unwise to get new ones each time.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to wash north face backpacks. Below is a detailed guide to help you go through the washing process easily without any trouble.

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No Machine

The first rule to washing backpacks is not to put them in the washing machine. The machine can be harsh for your backpacks hence it is important to go for softer and easier methods to wash your backpacks. The machine should always be your last choice. If you think the stains are stubborn enough not to go away through the methods below then you can go for machine wash. North face advises its customers not to opt for machine wash. Don’t keep the bag soaked in the water for a long amount of time.


Try going in the order that we are dictating. This way you can save the least preferable option for the worst and most stubborn stains. Brushing your bag thoroughly is a great way to get rid of dust and other unwanted specks. Before going for an extreme option such as using a lot of water and detergent, you can start off by just brushing your bag. You can use a number of articles for this purpose. the most commonly used things are a toothbrush or even a makeup brush.

Use the toothbrush to get the dust and the dirt off from the zips and the corners of the bag. You can use a clean piece of cloth or towel to brush the rest of the bag and the bigger areas. This is an important step because you might be able to get rid of a lot of dirt this way.

Spot Cleaning

Next up we have spot cleaning. A foolproof method is to go for spot cleaning. It is also the method advised by the North face people. It is least likely to damage your bag because there is no excess amount of detergent, water, or any chemical involved. This process will also not be as strenuous as washing it in a machine and then going through the entire process of drying it.

For spot cleaning, you will only need a few things as the process is very easy. All you need is clean water and paper towels or a clean piece of cloth. Take the cloth and dip it completely into the water. Once it is wet, take it our wring it. Make sure that all the water is wrung out of the piece of cloth. Make sure there is no water dripping out of the cloth.

Once you’ve thoroughly twisted the cloth, you can now proceed with the spot cleaning. As the name suggests you should work on the dirty spots with your damp cloth. Gently but firmly rub the dirty spots with the damp cloth until the stains start to diminish.

Repeat the same step for all the stains on the bag. This way you wouldn’t have to wash it completely, but you can also get rid of major stains on your bag.

Repeat the process twice or thrice for maximum results. It is advised to make sure that all water is removed from the cloth before you go on with rubbing it. The less wet your bag gets during this process, the better it will be for your bag.


This is a method for extreme situations. If you think your backpack cant be cleaned with the advised brushing or spot cleaning method then you can go for this one. It is advised not to opt for this as your bag might get damaged but if you really have to then make sure it doesn’t turn into a recurrence.

Soak your bag in lukewarm water for a while. Don’t add any detergents as just the water might do the job as well. Make sure that you don’t leave it in there for too long as your bag might get damaged.


Lastly, you have to dry the bag. Take your bag and hang it upside down to get rid of any excess water. Refrain from using heaters and dryers as your bag might get damaged. Let it air dry for a while and check.

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