For those of you who do your washing yourself, you know how it can be a complicated task. A lot of people prefer to send their clothes over to launderers or dry cleaners. This helps them avoid the navigation of the tricky paths of washing. But, it is not as complicated as it might seem to you. The trick is to make sure that you have a firm grasp on the instructions and guidelines given out by the manufacturer.

Similarly, washing blankets at home might seem like a difficult task as well. Don’t worry though, it is very easy. There are some basic things you need to know before washing a Sherpa blanket at home. Keep reading to know how to wash a Sherpa blanket at home.


Like all other things, care and preparation are extremely important. Always read the instructions given by the makers of your blanket. This is a very crucial step. Reading the instructions will help give you a grasp on what not to do. If it says not to use a fabric softener then so is it, etc.

Before going ahead with either machine wash or hand wash, you should prep your blanket a little. Start by removing any major signs of dirt that you might spot on the blanket. This might take a while but we promise it will be worth it. Do a thorough check of any solid pieces of dirt stuck on it.

The one thing that remains constant for all types of the wash is the temperature required. You should never wash a Sherpa blanket or any other Sherpa piece of clothing with hot water. These are made up of polyester or have plastic-like material in it. Heat might melt those and destroy your blankets, etc.

Machine Wash

Many blankets advise their consumers not to machine wash the article. Check the instructions for clarity. Machine washing is pretty easy. You have to be careful about the temperature of the entire process. Hot water or hot dryer can melt the polyester fibers and ruin your blanket.

Start by pouring in cold water in your machine. Next up, take some liquid detergent and mix it in the water. Make sure that you don’t use powder because that tends to ruin it as well. The next step will be to immerse your blanket in the water. Make sure you do that once the detergent is thoroughly mixed in. Turn the cycle set to gentle and let the cycle complete. The cycle usually goes on for like a minute or so. Once it’s completed, the next step would be to take it out.

Drying is a very important step in this entire process. You don’t want to use the hot temperature on your dryer. Simply take the blanket out of the machine and hang it. Choose an airy and breezy place to hang your blanket. It is best to leave it to air dry for a while. Keep checking up on it. Only use the dryer once it is almost dry.

The reason behind using the dryer to further dry it down during the last 5-10 minutes is for the softness. Cool dry your blanket for a few minutes in the dryer. This will help in making sure it retains the fluffiness and the soft texture.

Hand Wash

If you don’t want to wash your blanket in the machine then you can opt for handwashing it as well. Hand washing can be a little more difficult than a machine wash. There are still no technicalities in the process but more strength will be required. Similar to the machine wash process, you will need cold water.

Take a deep tub and pour cold water into it. Now, take some liquid detergent and add it to the water. If you don’t have a tub big enough for a blanket, you can use your bathtub as well. Make sure that the liquid detergent is mixed thoroughly. Now start by immersing one corner of your blanket into the water. Slowly repeat this step for the rest of the blanket. Once it is completely dipped into the water, start rubbing on it to get rid of any stains or dirt. Keep a gentle but firm hand so that it doesn’t get ruined.

Take it out when you are satisfied with the wash and think it is clean. Put it down on a clean floor and press on it to get rid of excess water. Don’t wring the blanket or you might ruin the texture. The next step would be drying it. Don’t put it in the dryer. Lastly, hang it and a spacious area where there are lots of breezes. Let it air dry for a while and you’ll be good to go.

How do you wash a sherpa blanket and keep it soft?

How do you keep Sherpa blankets from matting?

Keeping the cycle on the gentlest setting available will prevent matting and shedding. To protect the fabric even further, use dish soap instead of your normal detergent. Synthetic fragrances, softeners, and bleach are too harsh for Sherpa. They can break the fibers down and cause more shedding.

How do I make my sherpa blanket fluffy again?

To fix a matted Sherpa pullover, you’ll need a boar bristle brush or a pet slicker brush. You could possibly get away with a plastic hair brush as well, but the other two brushes will work best. Next, you will lay your pullover on a flat surface and brush the matted area in all different directions.

How often should you wash a sherpa blanket?

Wash the Sherpa blanket with vinegar

One of the best ways to make your Sherpa blanket soft again and keep it fluffy is vinegar. Vinegar is beneficial for odor and stain removal, but this household item also effectively loosens clumps of fibers.

How do you fix a sherpa blanket?

It is commonly recommended that the blankets are washed at least three times, and that they are hanging on a drying rack to finish drying. These blankets are usually hung in areas that receive constant warmth, so you do not want to lose any of the quality.

What is the difference between fleece and Sherpa blankets?

Is Sherpa a good blanket?

The main difference between fleece and Sherpa blanket is that Sherpa blankets often tend to be softer and warmer than fleece blankets. Both fleece and Sherpa materials are 100% synthetic materials that have features of wool. They both are soft, warm, and breathable.

Is fleece warmer than Sherpa?

A comfortable Sherpa blanket could be a great addition to your bed set. These blankets have two distinct sides: one is a smooth knit, and the other is a texture imitating real sheep’s fleece. Sherpa blankets are lightweight, soft, water-resistant, easy to maintain, and keep you warm and snuggly during colder months.

Why are Sherpa blankets so warm?

Difference Between Sherpa and Fleece
Category Sherpa Fleece
warmth very warm material not as warm as sherpa except maybe polar fleece
cleaning cold water wash no dryer cold water wash no dryer
look can be fluffy usually smooth and thin
cost relatively inexpensive not that expensive

Is Sherpa or fleece better?

Sherpa Fleece

These blankets are made of fleece, a fabric made out of polyester. It is fleece that is widely used as a lining for jackets or beds for pets. These fabrics made of polyester are warm even though they are very light in weight. They are soft and easy to work with while being resistant to water.

Is Sherpa warmer than wool?

So the main difference is in their qualities. Sherpa is designed to mimic wool, and it is a double-sided fabric. This makes it softer and warmer. That doesn’t mean that Sherpa is necessarily better than regular fleece (there are more types of it too).

Are Sherpa blankets the warmest?

Fleece vs Sherpa Warmth

The arguments of the previous sections will apply here but in the long run, sherpa fleece is warmer than regular fleece even if they are made from the same materials. The reason for that is the fluffiness of the sherpa style material.

How much does a sherpa blanket cost?

Sherpa is warm and is known to retain the heat to keep you warm during the colder, winter months.

What are the best Sherpa blankets?

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What is the best blanket to sleep with?

Here are the best sherpa blankets:
  • The Overall Best, All Things Considered: Bedsure Sherpa Bed Blanket.
  • The Best Throw: Kingole Luxury Sherpa Blanket.
  • The Best Sherpa Blanket Under $25: Utopia Bedding Sherpa Bed Blanket.

Are cotton blankets good?

Best Blankets Overview
  • Best Overall: PlushBeds Handmade Luxury Wool Comforter.
  • Best Value: Comma Home Faux Fur & Sherpa Throw.
  • Best Weighted Blanket: Bearaby Hugger.
  • Best All-Season: Boll & Branch Waffle Blanket.

Which brand blanket is good?

Cotton blankets are soft and hypoallergenic, which makes them perfect for allergy sufferers, babies, or people with sensitive skin. Cotton blankets are also great for summer because of their breathability, which helps regulate your temperature and keep you cool on a hot night.

Why can’t u sleep with a white blanket?

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