Cactus Plants are an excellent indoor and outdoor plant that you can have at home.

It comes with different shapes and forms that lures our eyes to look at it.

To make these beauties last for a long time, here’s what you can do to better take care of them by watering them right.

Watering Your Cactus

  1. Use the right soil

The soil used when planting or growing cactus is quite crucial. When you water a plant, some soil will easily let the water drain down, and other soils hold moisture very well. For most cactus, loose soil and the well-drained pot are a good choice to keep them thriving. Most cactus have no tolerance with too much moisture and might result in their leaves to wilt and die.

Check with your garden supplier on what type of soil you need to use for a certain type of cactus. This will help you to gauge your watering schedule and amount that your cactus needs. Although most cactus are of the same family plant, they’re still not the same in characteristics.

  1. Be mindful when using water sprays

Some indoor plants like orchids and other succulents are okay to be sprayed with water. But for desert cactus, it’s the opposite. They don’t like too much moisture or humidity around it. If you spray them with water, the cactus will eventually react to too much moisture and might rot inside.

Jungle cactus will survive with moisture overdose compared to desert cactus. It’s okay when you regularly spray it since it likes moisture, especially during growing seasons. You must keep it well watered so the stems and roots will grow healthy throughout.

  1. Potted cactus needs to have a drainer

Most indoor cactus are potted. Make sure that when you purchase them, it should come with water drainer. Most cultivated cactus are desert denizens, which means that they don’t thrive well when the soil or environment was watered all too much.

When watering your potted cactus, let the water drain well and take the water drainer out. Pour the water from the drainer to get rid of excess moisture when you return it to the pot later. Make sure you do this as often as possible. When the cactus starts showing wilted or soft stems and leaves, then it’s a moisture problem. Act on it right away.

  1. Water directly to the soil

Cactus plants itself are sensitive to water exposure. When you open up a cactus, you will notice that it’s made up of gel-like liquid consistency inside. That means that they have enough liquid stores, and extra moisture won’t help them thrive.

When watering, avoid sprinkling it all over to the cactus. Pour the water directly to the soil. If in case you accidentally pour water on the stems or leaves, wipe it down and let it dry. This will help your cactus to survive all year round.

  1. Water once a week

Cactus is preferably needed to water at least once a week. That’s a big rule when it comes to taking care of it. Overwatering will kill the plant eventually since they have poor resistance to water. Make sure that when you water it, the water is enough to moisturize the soil.

Cactus is one of the low maintenance plants. They thrive without constant watering and do well with such little attention and care. They’re very easy to maintain, especially if you have a busy lifestyle to focus on and prioritize.

  1. Don’t water with too hot or cold water

Always water your cactus with room temperature water. You don’t want to surprise the plants with too hot or cold water. Just like most plants, cactus love room temperature water. Enough supply will keep your cactus happy.

Make sure that before you fill up your water bucket for watering plants, check the temperature of the water. At times, when the cold weather strikes, the water can be too cold. The same goes for hot weather producing hot water. Ensure that your cactus will not get burned nor be too cold when watered.

Key Takeaways

At the end of the day, it will always boil down to what type of cactus you currently have.

You can’t just assume that all cacti are the same. Each kind has its characteristics and maintenance to follow. How much water and how often you need to water the cactus will always vary depending on the type of cactus.

Before deciding to care for cactus at home, see to it that you’ve studied the basics of taking care of them. Being familiar with how they thrive when grown indoor or outdoor, potted or not, will help you to succeed in growing them.

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