Wrapping an ankle is the best way to stabilize an injured ankle or treat sprains.

Ankles can be wrapped using a tape or with a compression bandageHowever, if you are unfamiliar with the process of wrapping an ankle, the steps below will help you executeHere are some essential tips to consider before wrapping your ankle:

  • Look for a soft and pliable tape to wrap the ankle. With that, when your body swells, the ankle won’t constrict anymore.
  • Tape should not be reused.
  • Ensure your foot and ankle are neat and dry. Before you begin wrapping your ankle, be sure to extend your ankle and leg on a bench or chair to facilitate an easy wrapping procedure. If you’ll use tape to wrap the ankle, make sure you shave the hair around the lower part of your ankle and leg.
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How to Wrap a Sprained Ankle

  1. Begin with wrapping your foot’s ball. Carefully grasp one part of the bandage on the foot’s ball, and the end tail side of the bandage should be moving towards the external part of your foot. Let the end side of the bandage remain rolled to allow you to roll it up easily immediately the wrapping process kicks off.
  • For added support, you can use a gauze pad by placing it on either side of your ankle before you wrap it.
  • Also, horseshoe-shaped padding from a felt or foam can be used for additional stability when making compression wraps.
  1. Then wrap the upper side of the foot. You can use one hand to grasp one end of the bandage on your foot’s ball. Now pass the bandage on the upper side of your foot from the outside part towards the inner side, then beneath the foot once again. Make sure you wrap the foot thrice as you overlap each wrap with a half.
  • Remember to wrap the ankle lightly to give your body some room to swell to facilitate a quick healing process to your ankle. Furthermore, wrapping it loosely prevents further pain around the area.
  • Line up each loop of the wrap evenly, instead of moving to other different directions.
  1. Once done with making the third wrap, move the binding up your foot, somewhere inside the ankle, above the instep then beneath your foot. You must weave the bandage on top of the ankle and foot forming an 8 figure. Your heel must be exposed.
  2. Again make two more 8 figures, and be sure to allow them to overlap the bandage by half. Once done, the bandage must cover the whole foot then move up past the ankle.
  • Smaller legs and feet may not require three figure 8’s and a full-sized bandage. But you can make your judgment to determine whether the wrap looks stable after making only two 8 figures.
  1. Finally fasten the bandage by stretching the final segment of your bandage then use the small Velcro adhesive or metal prongs to hold the end parts of the bandage in a good place. As you do this, make sure the wrapping task is free from bulges and unnecessary lumps. It should be neat and comfortable.
  • The bandage should be removed at least two times a day to facilitate free blood circulation in your body.

 How to Wrap an Ankle with a Tape

  • Start by wrapping the ankle and foot with an under wrap around your foot then up to the ankle area. Make sure you stop a few inches on top of it. Your heel may remain exposed.
  • After that, wind the tape on the upper side of the under wrap, some few inches on top of the ankle. Cut the tape using a scissor then overlap the end side of the tape with its starting point to be sure that the tape stays in a nice position. This is known as an anchor as it creates a foundation for the remaining tape wrap.
  • Use at least two pieces of tapes to create an anchor to make it remain in a good place.
  • Wind the tape lightly to make it comfortable and secure.
  • Next, align the tape with the outside part of your ankle. Place the end side of the athlete tape on a stirrup, then wind it beneath the foot and over to the other part of the ankle. Tie it securely on the different side of the anchor. Do this again with other pieces of tape that overlap each other. Doing this creates a stirrup that helps in stabilizing your ankle when walking.
  • Having done that, position the end parts of the tape around the ankle bone then move it diagonally on top of the foot. Then wind it beneath the foot arch then towards the inner side of your heel. Now move it around your heel then shift it diagonally on top of the foot to finish the “x.”
  • Finally, move the end side of the tape towards the outer part of the ankle. Then wind it over the upper side of your foot. After that, move it beneath the arch, back on the other side of your foot then around the ankle part.
  • Ensure the tape wrapping is comfortable and flexible. In case it pulls at the hair or skin, you’ll need to begin the process again.

That’s how to wrap an ankle successfully. If you recently sprained your ankle, be sure to get rid of impact exercises like running, jumping jacks, and anything that might cause injury. Alternatively, you can do exercises with less impact such as swimming, biking, and using elliptical.

How to Wrap an Ankle Brace

  • Start by wrapping the base of your toes several times.
  • Then stretch up the bandage towards your knee in a straight line to create a stirrup effect then wrap all over the upper side of your calf severally.
  • After that slip beneath this wrapping then stretch the bandage downwards towards your foot in a straight manner. Move it beneath your toes, then up creating circles around your leg.
  • With that done, tuck the bandage’s end side on top of the calf wrapping.
  • Finally, take another bandage then fill in the brace through wrapping down from your toes to the knee.

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