If you’re having a hard time coming up with a good book title, here are some steps that we recommend to help you come up with the right ideas:

  1. Understand the elements of a good book title

A book title will set the tone for your book and it will also influence a consumer’s decision to buy your book or not. A good title should be unique enough to generate curiosity and it should also capture the story that’s in it.

Your book title should also be simple enough to be remembered easily by readers. Just think about the title “Pride and Prejudice.” Of course, your title should not cause confusion from other books.

  1. Use a book title generator

The good news is; there are a lot of book title generator tools online. So if you already squeezed your brain for ideas but you still couldn’t find any good ideas, you could get some help from a title generator.

Although you still need to tweak most of the titles generated from these tools, they will give you a good foundation from where you can build a great title for your book.

  1. Play around with your ideas

Although you have to consider some rules when coming up with a good book title, you can be a little creative with your ideas and not just stick with what’s the norm. Here are some ideas that could help you come up with a unique title:

  • Think about single word titles. A lot of good books today have one-worded titles making them very intriguing to readers. Think about “Atonement,” “Twilight” or “Allegiant.”
  • Go for everyday phrases. Sometimes, readers look for titles that they are familiar with so you should definitely try coming up with common phrases. Think about “Till Death Do Us part” or “The War of Art.”
  • Find catchy phrases within your story. A lot of authors find inspiration from their own stories. You could use the setting, the name of a character, or some important lines in your book as the foundation for your title.
  1. Create a list of book title ideas

Sometimes, you just have to forget about all the rules and fire up your imagination to come up with a list of potential book titles. Just think about your genre and target audience and let your creativity flow free.

Once you have a list of at least 10 titles, you can start to narrow them down to five according to what you’re trying to achieve for your book. When you’re already left with two choices, you can ask for feedback from people within your target audience or you can do some research to see which title would be more attractive for your readers.

Writing a good book title may not be the easiest part of your job, but with these ideas in mind, you can already come up with the best choices to help you put your book together.

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