Selling on eBay is a lucrative venture.

It gives you access to international marketplaces at the click of a buttonThese are the strategies to put in place for higher sales:

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  1. The use of keywords to describe your products and services is a sure way of driving traffic into your site and increase your sales. Research online on the most searched word combinations so that many people may view your products. This will definitely gradually lead to more sales when people like your products.
  1. List your products when most people are online. Timing is of essence. Are you selling a product to the working class? You can consider listing your product around the evening at around 7 to 9 pm when this group of people is at home unwinding.  Take note of the eBay time zone so that you may adjust your time accordingly.
  1. Discounts! Discounts! Discounts! Who does not like discounts on their purchases? Consider giving people discounts if they buy multiple items from you. Also, keep an eye on your shipping costs so that you may not charge very high prices.
  1. Invest in a quality camera that will give you quality photos. Attractive photos taken at various angles will definitely drive up your sales. Use cameras with higher resolutions while placing the item on a neutral background. The setting should also be in bright light.
  1. Focus on a particular niche and learn as much as possible. Learn about the consumer’s tastes and preferences, the suitable prices of the items among other important factors. This is also important because it can help you introduce diverse products for a particular niche, therefore, driving up profitability.
  1. Hone your customer service skills for your buyers and potential buyers. Not everyone remembers the price they paid for an item or service, but they remember how they were treated. This statement is actually true with e-commerce. Simple traits such as honesty about your products and timely mail replies will go a long way into having satisfied buyers who will provide positive feedback. These feedbacks will be the bait that will attract your potential buyers and therefore higher profitability.
  1. Include your terms and conditions clearly in every listing. Your policy on the payment, return and even shipping will help solve some misunderstandings in the future. Frustrated buyers may provide negative feedback, therefore, having a negative impact on your sales.
  1. Sell products that you purchase wholesale stores. This will improve your sales because you can set your price lower than the average retailers, therefore, giving you an advantage.
  1. Sell unique products or highly popular products. People always want to feel unique and they will always pay a premium for what is rare. Popular goods, on the other hand, will improve your sales because of higher sales.

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