At times, you do not want your mobile phone to disturb your work. Also, mobile phones in schools and colleges are banned, but still, you can see people using the cell phone in such places. If you really want people to stop using the cell phone in the prohibited areas, you need to jam their mobile phones.

The forthcoming points will keep you informed about how you can jam a mobile phone with all the ease and console.

  1. Buy the Mobile Phone Jamming Device

If you jam their mobile phones, they would not be able to receive calls or messages or make calls or send texts. If you want to jam a cell phone, you need to make use of the cell phone jamming device. With no doubts, you need to buy the mobile phone jamming device from the market. You can come across many mobile phone jamming devices to choose from.

  • The mobile phone jamming device will prevent your mobile phone from receiving and sending signals. The jamming device will air the same frequency signal to the modem. The jamming will be successful if the mobile phone signals are disabled when the mobile phone jamming device is enabled.
  • The signals will be blocked by the mobile phone jamming device in a 100-foot radius. Usually, the mobile phone jamming device will block signals in a 15-foot radius.
  • You need to buy the mobile phone jamming device that you find reliable for you.
  1. How the Mobile Phone Jamming Device Works?

Most of the people do not know how the mobile phone jamming device blocks the sending and receiving signals on the mobile phone. If that is the case with you, you need to further read through the article.

  • The same radio frequency will be transmitted by the mobile phone jamming device. The transmitted radio frequency will be higher in power while comparing to the mobile phone.
  • The interaction between the base station of the cell phone tower and mobile phone will be disturbed by the radio frequency.
  • Once the communication is disturbed and the mobile phone and tower could not able to come into contact, there will be no network coverage and hence no signals can be found on the mobile phone.
  • You can find different types of mobile phone jamming devices for you. The mobile phone jamming devices can be used in the library, meeting rooms, classrooms, seminar halls and more.
  1. Block the Signals

So, you would have bought a mobile phone jamming device. Now, all you ought to do is to block out the signals. You just have to turn on the mobile phone jamming device to jam the mobile phone signals.

  • The turning on the feature of the mobile phone jamming device will vary from one device to another device. Some mobile phone jamming devices use the flip button for turning on the device and some other mobile phone jamming devices use a button to turn on the device.
  • The size of the mobile phone jamming device will be either same or smaller than the size of the standard mobile phone.
  • The point to be kept in mind is that you need to keep the mobile phone jamming device close to the mobile phone, so that, it will work properly.
  • If you keep the mobile phone jamming device far away from the mobile phone, then you cannot expect the jammer to jam the mobile phone signals.
  1. Turn off the Mobile Phone Jamming Device

The mobile phone signals will be jammed until you turn off the device. So, you should remember to switch off the device once you have finished using the device.

  • As like turning on the mobile phone jamming device, you need to do the same to turn off the mobile phone jamming device.
  • If you fail to turn off the jammer, then it will block the signals of the mobile phones of the nearby location.


The mobile phone jamming device is the best device, which can be used to block the signals in hospitals, churches, and temples.

How do you jam a cell phone?

How to Use a Cell Phone to Jam Signals
  1. Purchase a cell phone jammer, which will stop your cell phone from sending and receiving signals.
  2. Jam the signal by turning the device on.
  3. Turn off the jammer when you are done using it.

Are cell phone jammers legal?

The use of a phone jammer, GPS blocker, or other signal jamming device designed to intentionally block, jam, or interfere with authorized radio communications is a violation of federal law. It is also unlawful to advertise, sell, distribute, import, or otherwise market jamming devices to consumers in the United States.

Can you jam someones cell phone?

Under the Communications Act of 1934, FCC rules, and the federal criminal code, “the operation, marketing, or sale of any type of jamming equipment” is illegal. Also, it is unlawful to advertise, sell, distribute, or otherwise market these devices to consumers in the United States.

What does it mean to jam a phone?

What is phone jamming? Making repeated phone calls to a single number with the intention to intimidate or harass. Phones can be jammed either automatically (with a computer dialing system) or manually.

What is camera jammer?

This WiFi jammer device disables almost all types of existing spy cameras working via wireless video, wireless LAN, and bluetooth bands. It is an excellent choice to maintain privacy in todays wireless world. The frequency range covered by the jammer is between 900Mhz–2.5Ghz covering all video cameras mentioned.

How do I block phone signal?

What Blocks cell phone signals?
  1. Wood. Solid wood in your walls, ceilings, doors and even furnishings reduce signal by -5dB to -12dB.
  2. Glass. You might think that signals can pass right through glass, but clear glass actually refracts the signal causing a loss of about -4dB.
  3. Insulation and Drywall.
  4. Metal.
  5. Concrete.
  6. Brick.

Will wrapping a cell phone in aluminum foil?

Sadly, it doesn’t work. While wrapping the phone in foil would almost certainly create some degree of interference, it likely wouldn’t be enough to prevent the phone sending and receiving signals.

How do I block cell phone signal in my house?

That means using things like wallpaper or building materials embedded with metal fragments to prevent cellphone signals from reaching inside or outside the room. Some buildings have designs that block radio signals by accident due to thick concrete walls or a steel skeleton.

Can you buy a signal jammer?

The Signal Jammer offers only the best quality cell phone jammers and blockers for sale. To learn more about what a jammer can do for you, or for more information on which unit is best for your application, please contact us.

Can a WiFi Jammer be traced?

If your WiFi is being jammed, it is impossible to know the source of the jamming, but the chance of your neighbour jamming your WiFi is exponentially lower than your household items jamming or being jammed by your WiFi router, if it is operating at 2.4 GHz. Here is my personal experience using 2.4 GHz routers.

What is the range of a cell phone jammer?

Low-powered jammers block calls in a range of about 30 feet (9 m). Higher-powered units create a cell-free zone as large as a football field. Units used by law enforcement can shut down service up to 1 mile (1.6 km) from the device.

Does Walmart block cell phone signals?

It’s more likely that the stores are just a big metal Faraday cage naturally blocking signals from local towers. Report the problem you your mobile carrier so they can adjust their antennas accordingly.

Does target block cell phones?

Target doesn’t. But their metal roofs and concrete might. If your cellphone doesn’t support 600-MHz reception, the cellular base station’s signals may simply attenuate too much to make or receive calls, load Web pages, or even register on the cellular network.

Do grocery stores block cell service?

Most of those types of stores are in big metal framed buildings. The result is that a metal box or cage can effectively block all electromagnetic signals from outside, and is often referred to as a Faraday Cage.

Does Walmart have open WiFi?

Luckily, Walmart offers its customer free WiFi. It all started in 2006 when they first introduced free WiFi access for their customers within the range of the mart only. This WiFi availability not only enhanced marketing but also the overall shopping experience was set to another level.

Does Walmart give free WiFi?

Yes, virtually all Walmart stores offer Wi-Fi. Does Walmart have free Wi-Fi? Yes, it’s free. The network name isWalmart Wi-Fi” and there is no password required.

How do I get free WiFi at Walmart?

How to login to Walmart WiFi?
  1. Head over to your WiFi Settings on your smartphone.
  2. Select “Walmart WiFi” and you will automatically establish the connection.