The geographically separated partners who lack face to face physical contact, but also has some of the intimate relationships known. The oceans between them keep them apart but the technology keeps them connected and at times they have negative thoughts about keeping their long distance relationship alive. Well, we have some useful tips:

  1. Accept the Silence it is Golden

If you hear patiently what your girlfriend has to say with the same interest this will keep your long distance relationship healthy, fresh and fine.

  • There is a special pleasure in keeping the things up to you that your girlfriend informs you on Skype.
  • You can constrain yourself by not informing unknown people about things your partner is doing every day.
  • Keep a big heart when you gift her things and do not be in a hurry to take credit for it.
  1. Her Online Family

You can give compliments and congratulate your partner’s online friend on their birthdays and anniversaries. Add them into your friends list.

  • Tag your partner online by sharing some cool things which are related to them.
  • Sharing old memories of your partner with you on Facebook and Twitter can be a good celebration.
  • Feel free to ask for advice from your partner’s elder family members online.
  1. Honesty is a Good Policy

Converse with your partner especially about her feelings of fear and jealousy staying honest with each other is the most important thing whether you are in a long distance relationship or not.

  • Share the darkest secret of your life with your partner and it will not bite your heart anymore.
  • Honesty has the strength to embrace this strength by being honest with your partner always.
  • You will reach a point where there is no return if you keep hiding your feelings up to you.
  1. Take Aim and Work Towards it

Ultimately you will have to conclude and will have to settle down somewhere in a relationship. The only goal of a long distance relationship is to remove the distance by staying together.

  • Because nobody wants to live in a long distance relationship forever.
  • Is there any time period and how long is they going to stay apart? Talk these things with your partner.
  • Working towards one am will help you realize that you both are working for the same future.
  • Considering your personal interest and future planning you can also have some business Investments.
  1. Accepting the Mistakes with a Big Heart

You always try to remain good in your partner’s view. And in order to achieve that you always try to do your best and you most of the time also succeed in it. But also try to accept the mistakes.

  • Accepting that the mistakes are the most basic habit of humans will help you accept your partner’s mistakes.
  • Once you see that your partner has accepted your mistakes cherish it give them a big hug.
  • You can take the liberty of trust and share your inner pain and wounds to your partner.
  • When your partner shares her insecurities with you hear them out with attentiveness.
  1. Spread Positivity

As a partner, you need to remind each other that you are thankful for the destiny that you both met and you people have a chance to live together forever. Waiting is the most difficult thing.

  • Do not forget to remind your partner how loving and patient is she to have a long distance relationship with you.
  • Be thankful to your partner for making those handmade gifts for you and sending it across.
  • Do not forget to be thankful to God for spending every moment together.
  1. Frequent Gifts are to Treasure

Your partner will cherish your each and every gift as a memento in their life, you just need to add a personal touch to the gifts it can be small gifts like just a handmade pendant or locket.

  • Forget about gifting her things that she personally can go and purchase from the market.
  • It doesn’t have to be something expensive, a handwritten letter will do.
  • Seven some old photograph of you both together or some secret recording will be a surprise.
  • Of course, you visiting her is the biggest surprise gift for her.
  1. Fly Across the Sea, Meet Her

Nothing can beat the feeling of meeting your partner in person especially if you are in a long distance relationship and you are visiting your partner after a long time.

  • Arrange a small get together of your close ones and introduce them to your partner.
  • Spend more and more time with your partner to make that visit count.
  • Do not do over publicize about your partner’s visit.
  1. Do not Overdo Communication

Over time you get possessive and sometimes also a bit predictable to other people it might disturb your office life and can annoy your staff members.

  • Don’t end up making your relationship boring and monotonous by excessive communication.
  • You can take a break and also hang out with your old school friends and relatives.
  • You may also like to breathe and or take a break when you are continuously talking to your partner on mobile for 10 hours.
  1. Relationship Declaration Online

You can indicate the world how serious is you about your long distance relationship by adding your partner in relationship status on Facebook.

  • It will also help in clarifying your relationship and not to get approached by other people for relationship.
  • Your partner will definitely take you seriously and will be proud of you.
  • You can now jokingly annoy the near and dear ones of your partner online.
  1. No Jealousy, Please

Your partner might be working in a client service department where there is a strong need to remain in constant touch with the client. Don’t be jealous of it.

  • Don’t be jealous of your partner going out on dinner with her clients but clearly talk to her about it.
  • You can also share your feelings and traditional upbringing which makes think like that.
  • Don’t get agitated if your friends ask about your girlfriend’s job profile and she going out with clients.
  1. Nobody is Cheating, Relax

The distance between you two people makes her think sometimes that you might be cheating on her and also spending some time with the other.

  • Such things happen but not in every relationship, you need to explain this to your partner patiently.
  • The fear itself will eat away all the pleasures of your life if you live in it day and night.
  • Don’t give her reasons to be jealous by overreacting on the things that you do daily.
  1. Give Her Freedom

You can prove yourself to be a true partner by encouraging her to do the things that she always wanted to do like if she has a bucket list encourage her to pursue it.

  • You will get compliments from her close friends and relatives for this.
  • The more freedom you give to her the more she comes close to you.
  • Giving more freedom means she shares the most mundane things with you.
  • She will get secretly tempted to those incomplete desires otherwise.
  1. Planning and Organizing

If you are meeting her, plan and make a checklist or small notes about things to do and places where you people can and have a peaceful time together.

  • Enjoyment is not one big thing it is made up of small moments so enjoy small things of life with her.
  • Do not nag your partner if things don’t work out according to your plan.
  • Also, do not set unrealistic goals for your plans to not to get disturbed later.
  1. Always Calculate Your Risk and Take Them

Do not miss the opportunity by not taking a risk; there are always calculated losses and calculated benefits of it. Hence, take the risk accordingly.

  • If you have already promised time to your partner take the risk to say no to your sudden office appointments.
  • If you want to propose her for marriage and if you are serious about it, propose her, she is worth taking a risk.
  • You can go two steps ahead and take a risk of getting the things that she had always dreamt about but never took a risk.
  1. Treat Your Partner as a Prized Possession

All the unaffordable things in life take your hard earned savings and lots of sacrifices. Relationships are also like that if you want to achieve a person you will have to sacrifice a lot of things.

  • This will also prove that you are totally eligible for your partner.
  • These sacrifices will make you encourage you to do more in life.
  • Above all, you will live an entire life with a feeling of the hard-earned prized possession of your life.
  1. Show Your Sensitivity

In a long-distance relationship, the partners always live in a doubt about the future of living together if your partner is sensitive about these issues get sensitive with her together.

  • Showing courage is ok but sometimes getting carried away sensitively is a sign of sensible person.
  • It will give an assurance to your partner you are sensitive about the relationship with her.
  • Your partner will feel lucky and take you as a more humane who think just like her.
  1. You can be Ignorant if You Wish to be

A lot of jealousies and prejudices can be avoided in life if you practice to be ignorant about the small things which don’t matter in life.

  • If your partner says that she was busy in office meeting and if couldn’t text you back do not ask her more.
  • The Annoying questions like does your ex boyfriend calls you up can also be avoided.
  • Who is the most handsome person in the office is the question which you have already asked her thrice. Avoid it.
  1. It’s a New Day Share Something New

You can discuss your recent learnings like reading a book or learning a new recipe online this will break your monotonous subjects and usual talks about it.

  • Your partner should also be interested in knowing your new subject or activity.
  • Avoid preaching her like a preacher if you are trying to teach something.
  • You can share the most fun part of your learnings first followed by the serious part.
  1. If You have a Good Sense of Humor, Use it

Compare the serious news with your childhood funny memories and break a joke on it, it will lighten up the situation and freshen up your relationship.

  • Maintain the decency of the language do not get carried away by a joke or a funny thought.
  • Don’t be a nagging partner by commenting excessively on something again and again.
  • Keep your partner’s sensitivity into consideration while commenting on her loved and near dear ones.
  1. Keep it Incomplete

Do not complete the conversation keep some of the conversations incomplete to make her curious. If she is curious about few conversations she will ask you to complete it in her next conversation.

  • This will keep her interest in your anecdotes conversations and also in you.
  • Beware of unexpected endings if your partner is not the one who welcomes it.
  • Do not her keep her curious and waiting for a long time this will result into losing her interest.
  • Tease her by throwing interesting challenges about the ending part of your story or conversation.
  1. Spend Wisely

Do not spend everything on gifting your partners or buying plane tickets you can save some money to use it wisely for the time when you both are together.

  • Money is important spend this important asset together not separately.
  • Give priority to those things which are urgent, followed by less urgent things.
  • Do not hesitate to help your partner financially wherever there is a need.
  1. Celebrate Special Occasions Together

If you are into long distance relationship one of you is always going to miss the festival. If you look at the positive side you get to celebrate festivals at one time.

  • You celebrate Christmas over the phone then you also celebrate Diwali over phone hence you celebrate two festivals.
  • Whereas other couples who are living in the same city celebrate just one festival at their end.
  • Another advantage is you don’t need to buy and give gifts to each other on festivals.
  1. Try out New Messaging Apps

Other than your regular and famous messaging apps like WhatsApp you can also try the all-time upcoming apps which gives you an edge.

  • You can program your messages even before the event also you don’t need to remember to send it.
  • You won’t forget the important dates and wishing your partner and her near and dear ones.
  • You can even remember your partner’s important events and remind her about its preparation.
  • You can save a lot of internet data and money with these upcoming new age apps.


  • Keep a nice framed photo of the time with your partner when you two met and shared some good moments together.

When you gift your partner something, make something exclusive, something personal, which she cannot purchase from the market.

Do long distance relationships last?

Longdistance relationships can last until a couple find their way to be together or end their relationship. They can last a long time, but that doesn’t make them healthy, successful, or even worth it. Some couples persevere through the longdistance relationship just to break up shortly after their reunion.

What should you not do in a long distance relationship?

Here are the seven things you should never, no matter the circumstances, put up with in a longdistance relationship.
  • Predictability.
  • One Word Texts.
  • The Suggestion Of An Open Relationship.
  • Excessive Flakiness.
  • Being Hung Up On Mid-Argument.
  • Too Much Jealousy.
  • Silence.

Should you talk everyday in a long distance relationship?

Don’t talk every day.

You might think talking every single day when you‘re in an LDR is a must. The truth is, experts say it’s really not necessary and might actually be harmful to your relationship. “You don’t need to be in constant communication,” Davis says.

When to call it quits in a long distance relationship?

When to Call it Quits in a LongDistance Relationship? It’s time to call it quits in your longdistance relationship when your relationship is dysfunctional, unsolved problems accumulate, and you feel emotionally overwhelmed. When your longdistance relationship becomes toxic, it’s best to let it go.

What are red flags in a long distance relationship?

Being Secretive, always busy and unavailable, unwilling to commit to the relationship, appearing to be flirty with other people online and a preference to be alone. These are the top long distance relationship red flags to be wary about.

Is Cheating common in long distance relationships?

How common is cheating in longdistance relationships? Statistics show that 40% longdistance relationships don’t work out of which 24% are because of cheating. This number might seem high, but it is actually the same as regular relationships.

What are some red flags in a long distance relationship?

Save The Date: How To Conquer Your First Date Fears
  • They’re Less Available.
  • They Start Missing Phone/Skype Dates.
  • Phone Calls Are No Longer Fun.
  • You Start Making More Future-Oriented Plans Without Them.
  • You Are Happier Alone.

How do you not feel disconnected in a long-distance relationship?

What To Do When Your LongDistance Relationship Feels Extra Distant
  1. Work on your communication skills.
  2. Ask difficult questions.
  3. Set expectations together.
  4. Make tangible plans.
  5. Take stock of your needs and feelings.
  6. Try to be a better listener.
  7. Get creative.

Why do men cheat in a long-distance relationship?

You might have no trouble going without relationship or touch for the months that you’re apart, but often guys cheat because they have no willpower in a longdistance situation. If you’re in a longdistance relationship, consider opening the conversation to discuss seeing other people.

How do you know if you’re too clingy?

You have a hard time being alone, you struggle when your friends or partner ask for space, you are afraid that people will want to spend time without you,” she said. To those who are clingy, extreme thoughts and actions look and feel a lot like love and intimacy; and they don’t want to let a good thing go.