To break up is one of the most heart-breaking things that a person has to go through in the world, to have to part ways from someone you dreamt about and built your life around is no short to tragedy. In today’s world where you are connected with one and all, it is not possible to completely break away from someone.

  1. The Subtle Signals

Any communication post-breakup is hard and it may turn out to be more painful if you are in same profession or have the same group of friends. However, if your ex realizes that he/she misses you, they would drop subtle hints showing their interest and attention towards you.

  • In a professional setting, your ex would refrain from abusing you, I feel some manners should be possessed by everyone, irrespective of their desire of getting back.
  • He/she would defend you in front of people. If somebody says something bad or disrespectful about you, your ex would not shy away from dissenting.
  1. Have Fun in Common Getaway

If you happen to be in common settings, for example, a weekend getaway; he/she would try to be around you, which is opposite to what generally people do post-breakup.

  • Instead of avoiding, they would hang around you and try to get attention, by doing common things, like bringing you a glass of drink, offering you to drop off etc.
  1. Emotional Advances

In any kind of relationship, emotions are involved. However, a relationship between two loving individuals, non-consanguine is based on faith and trust and thus has a strong emotional basis. Thus, in an attempt to show their desire to get back or just showing how much they miss you.

  • Social media is a big part of any romantic relationship these days. Thus to see if your ex misses you, notice their statuses, captions or just their social media activity, and you would find signs for the same.
  • He/ she would tag you or send you memes, in an attempt to make you laugh and also trigger some memories that you two together might have shared.
  • Whenever around, and if they see you getting interested in somebody else, they would compare themselves with that person and would try to let you know how that person is not good enough.
  • They would try to highlight their good qualities and also act jealous if neglected.
  • They would get happy and excited when you notice them or give attention to them or their actions and efforts.
  1. Spreading Words

Do not get alarmed by the heading, this does not mean rumor spreading. Alas! If your ex misses you, there are high chances that they would not approach you at once or directly but would let you know the same by other means and other people.

  • When hanging out with their or your friends, they would talk about you, how good you are as a person, and were as a partner.
  • They would let people close to them know how much they miss you, the feeling of being together and the moments.
  • They would make sure that these thoughts of them are heard by or known to someone who is likely to carry these on to you so that you also know, but indirectly.
  • If they see you genuinely getting interested in someone, or someone getting interested in you and if they miss you but know there is not any coming back together, they would try their best to highlight your good aspects and negate the best ones.
  • However, if the same happens, and they wish you two were to give each other one more chance, they would try to find all about that person and convince you about them not being a good choice.
  1. Those Little Coincidences

It is one of the major ways to know whether your ex misses you or not is to see and notice whether they have become an apparent and frequent part of your life post-breakup. A person who misses other tries to be active, present and visible in that other’s life.

  • You would notice that they had joined the same gym you go to or visit the bar that is your favorite.
  • In their social media activities, you would notice them visiting the places that you both went to or doing things that were of your common interest.  This is an indirect way of showing that they miss the places and activities that you both have a history with, and hence miss you.
  • If you are seeing someone else and they are also trying their options with other people, they would try to plan activities to do together, such as double- dates, going to a brunch or watching a game etc.
  • These planned activities you will notice would have some element or other to remind of you of your time together in the relationship. They would order your favorite dish or dessert or would reserve your favorite table in the hotel. They would also bring you your favorite flowers, or play ‘your’ song etc.
  • You will notice that on your special days, such as birthdays, there will be that one little gift on your desktop unmarked, but loudly screaming that it is from him/her. They would try to stay invisible and still do things to make your day a little more special.
  1. Working on Him/Her

One of the major ways a person reacts to the emotion of missing another is by trying to do the things in a way that another would have wanted, so as to miss them less.

  • If during the course of your relationship, there were some things about your partner that you didn’t appreciate much or wanted them to work on it, then it is a clear sign that they miss you, or at least you being around.
  • They will start taking better care of their health and also will try to grow emotionally and socially, so as to rid themselves or the relationship of any defects that might have been the reason for break up.
  • They would try to be a changed person, a person you wanted them to be, and would not shy away from highlighting the changes that they have been undertaking so as to let you know that they are serious about being better, committing and maybe giving your relationship another chance.
  1. What should be Your Reaction?

If the relationship was casual in nature, where both of you were in it just for the sake of having fun or trying to see if it might work or not, then don’t read much into the signs, or if you are still in touch, just ask them If they miss you or not.

  • If you are a teenager reading this, and the ex is your high school sweetheart, it is advised that you have your intentions clear of how you want to process the breakup.
  • If the falling apart was brutal, it is advised that you concentrate of your career, studies and overall growth, because although teenage relationships are not being undermined, but are dreamy in nature, and is advised that you talk to him/her, and if the talk is amicable, sort out a future plan together, which might be one another or separate.
  • If he/she does all or most of the aforementioned things, there is a high chance that they miss you and in case you feel the same, maybe you should try to work it out and give each other another chance, but if it is a cycle of repetitive breakups and patch-ups and  has turned toxic, break the cycle.


  • There are high chances that you are noticing them doing certain things and reading into them because you miss them.
  • It is therefore advised to see for signs objectively and not reading deeply into them.
  • Maybe they defend you or compliment you because they still deem of you as a friend.

If you or they are with someone new, it is highly advised that you concentrate on the new relationship instead of thinking about the previous one.

How do you know if your ex is thinking about you?

How do you know if your ex misses you during no contact?

They Ask About You When They Run Into Mutual Friends. They Log Into Any Shared Accounts. They Change Their Social Media Behavior Completely. They Try To Get In Touch With You At Weird Times.

How do you tell if your ex is pretending to be over you?

Whenever your ex is constantly talking about you during no contact, whether he speaks highly of you or down on you, it just shows he can’t move on, period. And even if you don’t have the time, energy or interest to hear what he has been saying about you, such tidings will always find their way to you.

How can you tell if she has moved on?

Signs Your Ex Is Over You
  • Communication Dwindles. Relationships are built on interactions, and if you’re not in touch in one way or another — in person, on the phone, or elsewhere — there’s not really a relationship.
  • Interactions Become Less Fun.
  • Interactions Become Less Awkward.
  • They Get Serious With Someone Else.

Will no contact make her move on?

She Doesn’t Respond To Calls Or Texts Anymore

You can tell when things have changed if your previous partner is no longer returning your calls or texts. If she doesn’t feel like talking with you or texting you, it’s a sign that she’s ready to move on. These actions are signs that her feelings for you have faded away.

How do you tell if a girl is developing feelings for you?

While you are in your No Contact Period, her feelings for you are not likely to subside as you may fear. Rather, the opposite usually happens. During the no contact period, she will likely begin to miss you and all of those good times the two of you enjoyed together.

How do you tell if your girlfriend is lying about cheating on you?

Your boyfriend could even recognize that you have been with another man. When you‘re having relationship with someone, it’s very easy to leave physical evidence behind, so to speak. Even if you clean up thoroughly, your boyfriend might catch subtle hints that you have been with someone else.

Will a cheater ever admit?

Liars often overemphasize their truthfulness by adding words or phrases to a statement that are meant to make them sound more convincing.

4. Overemphasizing their trustworthiness: “To be honest.”

  • “To be honest”
  • “To tell you the truth”
  • “Believe me”
  • “Let me be clear”
  • “The fact is”

Will a cheater ever tell the truth?

Confession or truth is rare, very rare. Even if they have had a history of cheating. They usually will opt for lying or trying to make you believe that you are the one who is way off base.

Why do people cheat on people they love?

Despite your right as a betrayed partner to know the full truth about what has happened in your relationship, despite your emotional and psychological need to receive full disclosure about the betrayal, despite the reality that honesty, truthfulness, and restored integrity are the only possible way forward in the

Do cheaters cheat again?

Why do people cheat on people they love? Because they want to be accepted, respected, loved, wanted, or praised (the things they likely feel they aren’t getting in their current relationship). The reasons vary from person-to-person, but they‘re all about a need the person is trying to get met.

Do you really love someone if you cheat on them?

It is estimated that if someone cheated before, there is a 350 percent chance that they will cheat again, compared to those who have never cheated. In the same study that states that cheaters will cheat again, they found that those who have been cheated on will most likely be cheated on again.

Should you forgive a cheater?

Cheating Doesn’t Mean Your Partner Doesn’t Love You

If they cheat on me, that means they don’t love me.” Here’s what I found: there is little correlation. But for those who do love their partners — there are still many reasons to fall in love and get romantic or sexual with someone else.