Not many know that Taurean male is a hopeless romantic. They love cliché things people do in love and very happily pamper their loved ones. But, this is just the second step as catch here is; it is very tough for anyone else to know if a Taurus man is interested in you. So, how to know if a Taurus man likes you?

  1. They will Pay Attention to Things that Matter to You

When a Taurus man is interested in you, he will pay attention to all things and details that actually matter to you. You might even be surprised to know that apart from paying attention to your likes and dislikes, he will religiously remember them as well that even you will be taken aback on when you told them about yourself in such detail. This is because irrespective of being a die-hard romantic, they like to hide within their stoic exterior and confine their feelings to oneself.

  • He will remember everything that matters to you and will surprise you with his own memory of it.
  • He will be careful about doing things as per your likes and dislikes and he will pour his heart into everything he does. So don’t ever give him false leads to your preferences.
  1. He Can’t Stop Smiling Around You

Many think that this is normal for people to smile and blush around someone they like. But, have you ever seen the smile of a Taurus man when they are with you? It’s literally 5 inches wide (or more!).

  • A Taurus man will find it very hide to not smile around you, and that’s quite an evidence of how he feels for you.
  • Their smile will reach their eyes, and trust me; the eyes never lie.
  • Do notice how their smile will have a hint of shyness.
  1. They will Let Their Guard Down

A typical Taurus man will almost never let anyone know his fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities, and weaknesses.

  • Only when a Taurus man is actually interested in you, he will be honest about how he really feels about situations and his life in general.
  • He will tell you how he feels about family, career, emotional issues and he will never tell that to anyone else. So it’s a big signal.
  • He might tell you about all his feelings except the ones he shares for you, so that’s a big hint too.
  1. He will Protect You

A Taurus man will protect you with his life when he likes you. He will do anything to make sure nothing on his part hurts you.

  • When it comes to others, he will make sure that they treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • If someone hurts you, he might even take a step to talk to them or warn them about not messing with you.
  • A Taurus man in his actions shows that if someone has to mess with his girl, they will have to cross him first.
  1. He will Ask You about Your Day

People think that asking someone how they’re doing or how their day was. But, in reality, these questions still matter as it shows that someone does care about how things are going for their partner.

  • A Taurus male will always ask you about your day and would love to be updated with all good and bad updates of the day.
  • Sometimes he will remember your routine more than you yourself do.
  • By asking you about your day, he finds a way to converse with you and even check up on your mood.
  1. He will Compliment You

An interested Taurean male will be very vocal when it comes to compliments.

  • He will compliment you and tell you everything that is good in you or looks good on you among other things.
  • Every time a Taurean male compliments you, he will expect you to acknowledge it because he means it with all his heart.
  • If a Taurus man compliments you, he will make sure it is not cheesy and creepy you out in any sense.
  1. He will be Possessive

When a Taurus man is interested in you, he will be quite possessive about you. This is a big signal as it shows that he wants attention from you exclusively.

  • He cannot be okay with someone else have the same equation with you as both have as he if he truly likes you, he will be scared of getting replaced easily.
  • Even when he is possessive, he will ensure he is not getting authoritative and his possessiveness does not affect your mental peace.
  • Even when a Taurus male is feeling jealous of someone in your life or feeling left out; he will try his best to hide or not show this side of his very evidently.
  1. He will Show You off

Many times boys avoid showing off a girl that they are interested in thinking what their peer group might think of the girl they like or what opinions others may have of her. A Taurus male, on the other hand, is different.

  • He will show you off like he’s proud to be seen with you and that’s what matters to him.
  • Anyone else’s opinion of you will not deter him for liking you or being seen with you.
  • He might even introduce you to his family or closet friends before you even expect. However, he will ensure that it does not create any unnecessary pressure on you.
  1. He will Meet You at Every Opportunity He Gets

A Taurus man is not the one to cancel plans. With every opportunity he has to see you (if you are willing to), he will make sure that you both meet and spend quality time together.

  • If he meets you pretty often, it shows that he is willing to spend time with you.
  • Mostly, he will be chivalrous and if he is, it means that he is making an extra effort to make sure that you feel good in his company.
  • He will never force a plan on you and mostly ensure that meeting him does not coincide with your routine.
  1. He will Give You Space

Even though a Taurus male is protective, he will give you your space when you need.

  • Generally, a Taurus gets too inquisitive about things related to people he cares about and might even cross certain boundaries to know if something is troubling them.
  • In case of a girl he is interested in, he will ensure he does not cross boundaries of personal space and give you all the space you need, even if a single frown on your face is killing him on the inside.
  • Even if he is not asking you too much about things, he will try his own ways to cheer you up and lift up your mood.
  1. Hurting You is the Last Thing He would Ever Want to Do

For a Taurus male, hurting a girl he likes or loves is a plain no. Hurting a woman he’s interested in is the worst kind of a nightmare for him.

  • This is mainly because Taurus tends to have trust issues with people who hurt him and he would never want to put you both in a situation of that nature.
  • Every time a Taurus male feels like he has done something to hurt you, he will be extremely apologetic about it.
  • He might feel very guilty about hurting you even if it is a trivial matter.
  1. He will Respect Your Past Relationships

A Taurean male interested in you will not be bothered about your love life before him. A Taurean male truly believes in not letting your past ruin you present (with him).

  • He would not want to be inquisitive about things and would barely ask you questions about your history.
  • He will respect your privacy and never take your personal life in your hands unless very necessary.
  1. He will Try to be Your Friend First

A Taurean does not believe in rushing into relationships. If he wishes to be romantically involved with you, he will first try to know you better as a friend and build that relationship with you.

  • He will ensure you friendship is healthy and that you both communicate well.
  • He will respect you and support you in everything you choose to do. He might as we criticize you on your wrongdoings but he will never be little you for it.
  • If he is maintaining a friendship through every thick and thin, it means that his intentions are actually genuine.


  • An interested male Taurean will always make efforts to be with you or impress with you. If you discourage him to do so, he might be afraid to get close and can probably shut himself. That can be avoided if you both communicate well and be sure of each other’s intentions so that nobody is falsely lead on.
  • If he is interested in you, you will see it in his eyes, smile and body language. He will always ensure you are comfortable around him and you can be your true self in his presence. Taurus male loves his girl for who she is. He will never ask you to change something about yourself for him or expect any change. He will respect you for who you are. 

All in all, he will let you remain what you actually are.