Everyone knows the uses and benefits of hand staplers.

Previously, people considered them an amazing inventionA staple gun is a quick way to fasten things, for instance, papersCompared to the traditional hand staplers, today, we have advanced staple guns that come with new technologyA staple gun has many iterations.

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Primarily, we use a staple gun to attach paper. Today, we use staple guns for a wide range of household and commercial applications including fastening carpets. Also, we use staple guns in carpentry work. Before we tell you how to load a staple gun, it is important to understand the type of staple guns available on the market.

The Pneumatic Staple Gun

People call the pneumatic staple gun the Holy Grail because it is all about raw power. The pneumatic gun uses compressed air to fire the staples. It can likewise pack quite a punch. Remember, pneumatic staplers are heavy-duty guns. You can maintain them easily compared to the electric or manual staple guns.

On the other hand, keep in mind that these types of staple guns are a bit expensive than the traditional hand stapler or manual staple guns. However, this is a great tool when it comes to quickly complete your DIY project. You can use it to manage a wide range of heavy tasks.

The Electric Staple Gun

As the name indicates, this type of gun runs on electric power. There are different types of electric staple guns available on the market. Some run on batteries while others require connection to the main electric supply.

Compared to manual staple guns, they look like guns. Also, they are way better than manual guns when it comes to performance. You won’t make a lot of effort to run these tools. An electric staple can fire off the staples at a higher rate.

The Manual Staple Gun

Finally, we have a manual staple gun. Most often, people use manual staple guns to achieve quality results. In fact, these are the most common types of staple guns available on the market. People use them for household or DIY projects. A manual staple gun relies on your exertion of force or power to work.

This type of gun uses spring, which you need to compress. For example, it has a trigger that requires human compression through the hand. However, a manual staple gun is different from the traditional hand stapler. It is because the staple ends do not bend to fasten the staples.

How to load a pneumatic staple gun?

When it comes to loading a pneumatic staple gun, you will find two types. The first one is the top-loaded and the second one is a bottom-loaded gun. Remember, the bottom-loaded mechanism is the same as the electric or manual gun.

A top-loaded gun, on the other hand, has a different mechanism. It has a follower attached to the gun’s magazine. The follower presses against the staples that allow them to stay in place.

You need to pull the follower all the way back. This way, you will see the rails. Once you have revealed the rails, you can then position the staples on them. After you fill the magazine, you need to release the follower gently. You have finally loaded the pneumatic staple gun.

How to load an electric or manual staple gun?

The manual and electric staple guns have the same loading mechanism. To load the gun, first, you need to hold it in the right position. There is a pusher rod on the bottom of the manual or electric staple gun. Push the rod to unhook it. Next, pull out the rod.

Once you have done this, the next step is to insert the staples. Make sure the legs of the staples face the fire out direction. Now, place the rod back in the gun. Again, place it correctly, otherwise, the gun won’t load the staples.


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You can use staple guns for many tasks – i.e. from light workloads to heavy workloads. The type of staple gun that you use depends on the DIY application that you want to work on. Manual guns are easy-to-use and control. So, these staple guns are precise. We recommend manual staple guns for minor home repair, putting up flyers, woodworking, etc.

On the other hand, you can use electric staple guns for a variety of household applications. You can best use them to repair light wiring in your house. Likewise, if you need precision and finesse in your DIY job, then this type of staple gun won’t work well. We recommend it for carpeting, upholstery, woodworking, household repairs, and carpentry.

Furthermore, pneumatic staple guns are heavy-duty guns used in construction projects. These types of guns penetrate strong surfaces and do not cause the staples to bend out the shape.

Pneumatic or air-based guns are powerful that can bond different types of materials. You can use the above methods to load to the type of gun that you want to use for your DIY project.

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