It is not easy to recognize bed bug infestations unless they have spread out on your bed mattress or in different hiding places in your home. Here are three steps to understand if you are being bothered by bed bugs, how to look for them and seek exterminator services in time.

  1. Look out for Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

It is best to know the symptoms to look out for and be aware of the same at early stages of infestation of bed bugs in your home. It is convenient to treat small infested areas than when it becomes widespread. In many cases, it is confusing to know whether your bed is infested by bed bugs as one could also mistake them for carpet beetles.

  • One of the sure signs are bites on skins; these might look like bites from chiggers or mosquitoes which resemble small rash like bites on the skin; they could also resemble fungal or eczema infections or hives in people.
  • Reddish or rusty stains on mattresses or bed sheets are another sign which is usually caused by bed bugs that get crushed under our body weight.
  • Eggshells and eggs are more difficult to identify which are tiny and the nymphs that are produced are pale with yellow skin.
  • If the infestation has become large, you would see bed bugs under your mattress or corners of your bed under the sheets.
  • In rooms heavily infested you will find stains on old box spring coverings, in seams of couches and chairs, between cushions and in curtain folds which showcase eggs, feces, skin castings, and adult bugs.
  1. Check Other Areas of the Home

There are other spaces of a home where bed bug infestation can spread as well such as:

  • They can spread to wardrobes in bedrooms.
  • Drawer joints in tables and cupboards.
  • Appliances and receptacle joints.
  • Under wall hangings or loose wallpaper.
  • Junctions of ceilings and walls.

It is important to know that, small cracks and crevices are usually the ideal infestation points of these bugs. If a crack can have a credit card slide through then it can house bed bugs as well. A close up look at the corners of your mattress or bed frame or under it, corners of walls, power point sockets, window corners where the frames are – these are places you need to keep a close look at. Reddish dots in these areas will indicate infestation.

  1. Plan for Extermination

If you are able to identify infested areas or corners in your home then it is important to get help from professional services to exterminate such pests. Home remedies such as washing bed clothing with hot water also prove effective in ensuring hygiene and safety from bites and scratches for your family members. However, only professional pest control methods can help to eradicate their habitats and prevent the infestation from spreading across your home or to surrounding homes and premises.