Losing weight is a tiresome task for many. It requires lots of hard work along with mental strength. People who struggle for losing weight has to deal with many things. So, here is how you can lose weight without doing an intense workout or even exercise.

  1. Find the Reason Why You Want to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not a one day game when you are doing it without taking any supplements or pills. It takes time and lots of motivation. You have to find that motivation. Your first goal should be finding the reason as for why you want to lose weight. Remember, the stronger your reason would be to lose weight, the tougher your determination would be towards what you are doing to lose weight. The reason for different people could be different and thus, it is the thing that you need to dig out. Various reasons for weight loss could be

  • You want to improve your appearance. You want to tone body for a summer beach season. Or you want to try a new outfit that needs good physic.
  • You have to go on the date and you want to look perfect in the dress you have chosen. Or you want to look impressive in front of your beau.
  • The lean physique attracts you and makes you more confident.
  • You want to look fit.
  • You want to shrink your pregnancy tummy.
  1. Change Your Eating Habit

The reason why we gain weight is we eat more carbs and fat than protein. The inclination towards junk foods, high in calorie drinks, fried and packed food. You stop eating all these stuff and you will realize you have cut down a huge amount of calories from your diet.

Hang on! Don’t think this will help you in reducing 20 pounds weight. Instead, this will turn you selective in the food you pick and will help you to further act on your diet. So, cut down some food from your list and add some good foods in your menu. Things that you should instantly cut off from your daily diet are

  • All packed foods, such as chips, fried foods, packed foods.
  • Sugary drinks like soft drinks, beverages.
  • Alcohol consumption in any form.
  1. Know about Calories in Food

The most difficult part of losing weight is that most of us are not aware of the facts which food contains how much calories. We are also no educated how to plan our plate so that it gives it enough nutrition, but remains lesser on calories. Thus, the next step is to collect knowledge about food and what quantity of which food should you eat daily.

  • When it comes to taking protein, many of us presume that non-vegetarian foods are rich in protein and so it is good it has it anytime. But, it is not like that exactly. The piece of chicken contains more calories than whole grains that contain less calories, but they are high in protein.
  • Check what are the calorie contents in whole grains, oil, sugar, refined food that we eat, etc.
  1. Cut Your Calories Now

Cutting your calories does not mean you should starve your body. Starving reduces the metabolic rate of the body and thus leads to weight increase. So, never do that, instead get calories in an adequate amount.

  • Now, when you have got to know which food contains how much calories, reduce its portion size or just eliminate that food.
  • Our body needs 3,500 calories to build 1 Pound weight. So, 20 pounds is 70,000 calories. To lose 20 pounds, you have to cut off the 70,000 calories from your body. Now, start cutting off 500-1000 calories in a day. It is not tough, by sticking to a good eating habit you can easily cut this much calories from your food.
  • While cutting of calories do remember that your body’s hunger will remain the same as before, it will ask for more food and you will be tempted to have food that you love or those foods that are high in calories like chocolates, pizza, burger, cupcakes, etc. You have to control your desires, this is very important. The best way of controlling yourself is that keep these foods out of your sight and replace it with healthy and low-calorie food.
  • Don’t get bluff by advertisement of drinks that say diet drink, low-calorie chocolate, they all contain calories in an amount which is not recommended in a weight loss program.
  1. Stick with Diet without Compromise

You would surely lose 20 pounds of weight from your body in a month if you will stick to a good diet habit. To stay stick to the diet you have planned you need to

  • Keep yourself away from the social gathering.
  • Do not plan outings going out will make you eat what is not allowed in your diet.
  • Instead of visiting a store for buying your grocery, call home fresh veggies and fruits, this will not let you buy unwanted stuffs.
  • Plan your meal in advance, so that you don’t break your diet rule in a hurry when hungry.


Try to learn some recipes that contain less calories. Alternatively, prepare those recipes to get a taste change and also to remain stick with a planned diet.