Google Voice is a telephone service offering call forwarding, SMS and other services using a single number for all your devices.

It works now only inside the US, with US number.

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Make a Call with Google Voice on iPhone

We can dive straight into the topic, considering that you have a Google Account, and you live in one of the countries where this service is supported officially. And, you have a registered US number for the same. Once, these three things are ensured then you can make calls using their application for mobile.

  • This article ( from Google highlights the steps to make calls using your iOS devices, like iPad and iPhone.
  • So, you have to tap and launch the Google Voice app on your iPad or iPhone. It looks like a simple dark green/turquoise quote symbol with a telephone icon inside it.
  • At the bottom, just tap on ‘Calls’, and then if the person is in your recent call list, you can simply tap on their name.
  • You can also, search for that person on the search bar above, or straight away dial their number using the dial pad. For international calls, always use the country code as a prefix, such as +91 for India.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Call’ button, and your call is placed right away using the registered US number you’d selected when setting up Google Voice.
  • The cost of making such calls is minimal or free. For example, calls from the US to US and Canada, are completely free of charge. This changes for international calls and that is what we see below.

Make International Calls with Google Voice

When trying to make international calls using your Google Voice smart number, you can place calls and receive calls from any device using the same number. This makes it very easy for business owners to use the same number. International calls have their rates and access methods.

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  • The international calls are cheaper, but not completely free. You can initiate a call online from any of your US registered and setup number from any of your registered smartphone/cellular phone. As an alternative, you can also make international calls using Google Hangouts.
  • When you go to the Google Voice website ( from any web browser, on your phone or computer, you shall be redirected to Google Hangouts when you are located geographically outside the US. This is done by your IP address, and hence people sometimes use US proxies, and also as mentioned above, Google Voice is available only in a handful of countries.
  • Before making calls, check your credits since these calls are not always free. To do this, use your Gmail ID, and password, and ‘Log-In’. Click ‘Sign-In’ and then check your credits at the bottom-left panel.
  • On the header, you can find the ‘Call’ icon, on the right side. Simply tap or click on it, and then you will have to enter the phone number when a small window appears below the call button.
  • First, enter the phone number you wish to make a call to. And, remember to prefix with country code as said above.
  • Next, you shall select the phone or the US phone number setup with Google Voice from the drop-down list, to make that call from. This is what will be visible to your recipients.
  • Now, Google Voice will call the phone you’ve selected and then connect to the phone number you’ve selected for the recipient to make that international call. When you click on the ‘Connect’ button right below, Google will call your phone to initiate the process. Pick-up and answer it.
  • Once, you pick-up, Google Voice will now call the international phone number you’d entered, and connect to it.

Make a Conference Call with Google Voice

When you have done the above process, you can begin to talk to the recipient once they answer to the call. You can always end that call by tapping on the little red colored phone icon in the small window. This is how your international calls are done. But, what if you wish to convert them to conference calls?

  • As it turns out this is hugely asked by the community and Google support has you covered.
  • According to them, it is easier when you use Google Hangouts version, and then it also allows video calls, group calls and so on. But, unlike Google Voice inbound call conference-on-the-fly, Google Hangouts only does outbound call conferencing.
  • Also, the number is limited to just eight people at a time, so mind it if you wish to have a conference, something else might be useful.
  • Using Google Voice, at a specified time, ask all your conference attendees to call your Google Voice US number, and as each member calls, simply answer it, and press ‘5’ to add them to the conference.


It turns out at one place you can have at most four callers, and at some at most eight, when using Google Voice or Hangouts.

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