Both men and women love rings. It is a symbol of love and affection. We find a wide range of designs in jewelry shops and choose for ourselves the best ones. So, you have bought a beautiful ring for yourself but it is not properly fitting on your finger.

This is a problem that you must fix to enjoy the luxury of your new beautiful ring. In this article, we will tell you how to make a ring smaller. Before telling you that, it is important to understand some basic considerations.

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Avoid making your ring smaller in these situations

Some people find out that their rings are spinning on their fingers. We must tell you that the spinning of the ring on your finger can have different causes. You must find the appropriate reason. Most often, the causes are temporary such as weight loss or cold weather.

Likewise, you need to consider the situations where you first fitted the ring. For example, during your pregnancy, you may feel the ring fit snugly. However, another factor can cause this – e.g. a high-salt meal during pregnancy can cause you to gain weight and make your fingers bulky.

So, again, these are temporary causes and you don’t need to make your ring smaller. Also, some people are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. If you think the size of your ring has gone up and down with fluctuations in temperature, then, you can use the right adjuster to fit it.

How to make a ring smaller?

There are various ways to make a ring smaller. Obviously, the easy one is to go to the jewelry shop and ask the jeweler to make it smaller for you. Remember, this could cost you some money.

On the other hand, if you are living a frugal life and have hardly managed to buy a ring, then you don’t want to spend more money. So, what to do? Well, don’t worry, we have got some DIY solutions for you. Continue reading to explore them.

Plastic guards are cheap things widely available on the market. Instead of visiting the jewelry shop, we recommend buying the readily available plastic guards or ring adjusters. Not only will this save you a lot of money but also sometimes. It is a quick option to resolve the issue of your ring size immediately.

Plastic guards or ring adjusters are little sleeves or wedges made of silicone material. The silicone wedges sit properly between your finger and the ring without disturbing you. You can easily wear or remove them. For some people, the use of plastic guard ring adjusters is not reliable. However, for others, they are life saviors.

Can you use liquid guard, tape, or food-grade silicone?

Yes, you can use these things to make your ring smaller. Although they are good accessories, most experts don’t recommend using them. Let us give you an example. Suppose you need an instant and cheap method to make the ring smaller. You can go for DIY methods like tape, food-grade silicone, or liquid guard to make the ring smaller without needing to resize it.

Although these are good temporary solutions, the items are not for jewelry like rings. This could cause some trouble. Typically, platinum and gold are non-reactive metals, which means you can use liquid guard and tape with these metals.

On the other hand, if you have a ring made of some other metal – let’s say the silver material, then we don’t recommend using these items because they can interact with the material and cause harm to your skin.

Important Considerations

In case your ring does not fit right, you need to take it off and keep it somewhere safe. You can use a fabric pouch for some time. Use a plastic guard ring adjuster, which is the best solution to make your ring smaller.

You can also use the threat to make your ring smaller. This, perhaps, is the easiest and simple method. Wrap the thread on the lower part of the ring and wear your ring. If it has fitted, then you have done well.

On the other hand, you can wrap some more threads to achieve a perfect fit. If you have a gold ring, make sure you wrap its lower part with yellow color thread. Otherwise, it will look out of fashion and there is no point wearing something that looks bizarre. So, color matching is important.


A perfect fit for your ring is necessary and essential. You can lose your ring if it is too loose. So, the solution is to make it smaller. Some people take it to the jeweler, which can cost them money. The cheaper and simple solution is to buy a plastic guard ring adjuster. This way, you can make your ring smaller in an easy manner.

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