Making a voodoo doll is a fun and entertaining activity. However, it is not easy to make a voodoo doll. You need some supplies, tools, and equipment to make a creepy-looking voodoo doll. After all, it is all about the haunted stories that you heard from your grandma. Anyway, in this article, we will tell you how to make a voodoo doll using two different techniques. Read on!

Method 1

To make a voodoo doll, you need some supplies such as a bag of cotton balls and cotton fabric. It is important to choose a plain piece of fabric. The reason why you should choose a plain fabric is that you can decorate it easily.

Also, you need a strand of hair, a yard of plain yarn, a stapler, and a needle for torture. Besides, you also need to choose a black magic marker in case you want to create eyes and other facial features of the doll.

The interesting thing about making a voodoo doll is to put as much like hair and anger inside the doll. You need a basic cloth to work. However, if you want to have more excitement and fun, then you can make a creepier doll by decorating it further.

Step 1:

First, you need to fold a cloth in half. It is important to make it half twice from the direction, especially the long direction. Now, outline a human figure on the cloth. For instance, you can draw two arms, legs, and head. A circular head will do the job.

Make sure the drawing you make on the cloth is a bit larger than the actual doll. Next, draw the legs and make sure they are spread. You must leave some room near the crotch. Also, carefully cut out the figure. Continue reading!

Step 2:

The second step is all about stapling all the edges. However, you need to leave the crotch area. Simply put, you must not staple this area of the doll. This way, you can get an enclosed figure. Again, we must tell you that you carry out the procedure carefully. Otherwise, you will lose interest and end up having an ugly looking doll with no voodoo characteristics at all.

After stapling all the areas except for the crotch, you need to take the hair strand from your victim and then place it in a clump of cotton balls. The next move is important, which is about stuffing your doll from its crotch area up to its head. Do not forget to fill the arms and legs of the doll. Make sure you gently fill them and at the same time, we urge you not to remove the staples.

Step 3:

Now, place a good amount of cotton in your doll’s head. It is important to take a small piece of rope and then tie this rope across the doll’s neck. Also, you need to stuff it. Once you have done this, you need to staple it. This will all you to shut it. The significance of the rope is to bulk out the doll’s head a bit. At the same time, you can inflict some more torture.

Moreover, the fun part begins now. You now have to draw some hair and the eyes. This is it. You have finally made your voodoo doll. If you want to decorate your doll further, you can take some pins and then stab them in the body of the doll. Make a noose using excess rope and then hang your doll from the closet.

Method 2:

The second method involves you having some supplies like wooden bead or ball, pipe cleaners, embroidery floss, yarn, hot glue, school glue, and scissors. Here are the steps to make a voodoo doll.

Step 1:

First, you need to make a skeleton. To do this, you need to divide or fold the pipe cleaner in half. Next, you need to hot glue the wooden ball or bead in place. Now, bend the pipe cleaners an inch away from the doll’s head to make its arms. Then, start working on the mid-section of the doll. Now, use the pipe cleaners and bend them again to make the legs. You need to make a star shape.

Step 2:

The second step is all about the mummification of the doll. Here, you need to take the yarn and cover the whole body of the doll. Make sure your doll looks like a mummy. Tie the yarn in the middle and then slowly begin wrapping it all around the body. If you have used thick pipe cleaners, then, you need to do a little trimming.

Use hot-glue to make the yarn sit in place and does not move. This, in particular, is for the head section of the doll. This way, you can mummify your doll and prevent the yarn from slipping on the pipe cleaners.

Step 3:

The next step requires you to bust out your embroidery floss. You can either use twine or yarn. The choice is yours. So, it is time to make the clothes for the doll. It is completely your choice of what you want your doll to wear.

If you are making the doll for your kid to play with, then we suggest choosing either a bunny or fairy. Then, you need to do the decoration. Use the tools and decorate your doll according to your personal preferences.

Wrapping up, there is no hard and fast rule to make a voodoo doll. You can make any design and use any material you want. However, we have shown you the two different methods that will surely help you make a voodoo doll easily.