Create an Ugly Sweater Easy

  1. Gather the required supplies

To achieve top sweater ugliness, you require the following materials:

  • Plain sweater or a sweater shirt,
  • Ornaments,
  • Garlands,
  • Gift wrap bows,
  • Ribbons,
  • Scissors,
  • Hot glue,
  • Miniature candy canes,
  • Fabric paint,
  • Glitter.
  1. Trim the sweatshirt and gallant

Start by snipping the metallic garland into a more workable piece. After that, measure the collar, hem and cuffs then cut the garland accurately for a perfect fit. Use hot-glue to attach the garland and add an extra dab to secure both ends. Having done that, fluff the garlands thoroughly and then clear any mess or cluttered tinsel from the sweater or sweatshirt.

Tip: Leave a small allowance where the garlands meet to give room for stretching the cuffs, neck and hem to stretch and fit the wearer comfortably.

  1. Arrange the bows, gift wraps, and ornaments

Place the bows and ornaments across the front of the sweatshirt haphazardly to create a disorderly appearance. If you love the random arrangement of the materials, use hot glue to stick the pieces onto the sweater.

As soon as the glue dries within two minutes, proceed and decorate the sleeves and the back of the sweatshirt using the same technique you used to decorate the back of the sweater.

  1. Attach candy canes

After unwarping the candy canes, spread them randomly across the sweatshirt to fill the spaces between the ornaments and use the hot glue.

Tip: Apply clear shellac or clear nail polish before attaching them to the sweater. Also, do not forget to apply a candy cane at the back of the sweatshirt as well as on the sleeves.

  1. Make many ribbon bows

Cut off a few lengths of your chosen patterned bow and sew them and glue them to form your simple bow. After that, fluff the loops by pressing them gently towards the center to enhance maximum fullness.

Repeat the process to make as many bows as you would need and ensure to mix many colors to make your sweater ugly yet stylish.

  1. Glue the bows on your ugly sweatshirt

Lay the bows on your sweatshirt carefully while filling any gap left by the already glued décor. After that, apply a bit of hot glue and press the bows gently but steadily on your ugly sweater to ensure they are firmly attached for use in multiple holiday seasons.

  1. Pain snowflakes

Using a fine-tipped brush for fabric, draw some snowflakes on the sweatshirt and sparkle your glitters on it to make it sparkle. Then, wait for the paint to dry before flipping it over to work on the backside of the sweater. By doing that, the ugly Christmas sweater will be ready for popping on during Christmas parties. Enjoy your holiday!

Tip: If you’re not good at freehand drawings, go for a stencil and white paint to do the task at a blazing speed. Also, you can get snowflakes rubberstamp and make your work even more comfortable.

Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater with Lights

Supplies needed:

  • A sweater or a sweatshirt
  • Hot glue gun and stick
  • Pompom
  • Glitter glue
  • Felt
  • Tinsel
  • Jingle bells
  • Battery operated lights
  • Others
  1. Get a piece of cardboard and insert it inside the sweater

It prevents any incidence of glueing the two layers. Also, it gives you confidence as you work on the sweater with hot glue.

  1. Cut tinsel enough for your sweater

Cut your tinsel of a desirable size that perfectly fits the width of your sweater. If you like, you can wrap it all around or attach it diagonally to make the sweater fancier.

  1. Glue on the bows

Cut the ties from the bows and glue them carefully using hot glue. After that, proceed and glue the jingle bells around the neckline.

  1. Decorate the bows

Make the polka dots on all bows using glitter glue and let it dry a whole night to avoid being smudged.

  1. Push the lights on the sweater

Push the first set of lights on the end of the string through the sweater through a twisting motion. Ensure you do not make a bigger hole than the required size for the bulb to pop out.

Continue fixing the lights in a zig-zag pattern until the battery pack ends down at the bottom for sticking in your pocket.