There is nothing more interesting than flipping the pages of a flipbook and watching the animation on the pages. It is in fact, one of the easiest things you can make to impress your friends and teachers. As long as you have the required supplies and some time in your hand, making a flipbook animation is a piece of cake. Here are the steps to make a creative flipbook for your school project.

  1. Use a Notebook, a Bunch of Sticky Notes or Just Staple or Glue a Small Stack of Some Papers Together to Make Your Flipbook

Converting a small stack of sheets of pages with images on them to animation as you flip through them is easy if you have the patience to sit and sketch what’s on your mind.

  • A paper with the dimensions of 3 x 5 inches will be perfect for this, but using papers with smaller or bigger dimensions wouldn’t make much difference, so don’t fret over it.
  • It’s recommended that you use lightweight paper for your flipbook such that it’s easier to flip the pages.
  1. Draw an Image on the Last Sheet of the Stack with a Pencil
  • Using a pencil is better because you can erase it off if you make any mistakes. You can draw with ink over your pencil marking once you’re done with the whole animation.
  • This image is the first in the sequence of your flipbook animation, so make sure that the drawing is exactly what you want to be the starting point.
  • Don’t forget to make the drawing aligned to the bottom right corner of the page so that you can see it when you flip through the book.
  1. Draw the Exact Same Image on the Next Page from the Back, Giving Slight Variations
  • Make sure you draw it in the same spot as on the previous page where you drew the first image. This drawing should show a minor shift from the first image. This is the second image in the sequence of your flipbook animation.  On the subsequent pages, continue making slightly varied drawings. These drawings will build the animation like the flipping of the book.
  • Color your drawings to keep it more sophisticated. You can use markers or colored pencils to add color to your flipbook animation. Use the same colors for the images in the sequence of your animation to make the animation look fluid as you flip through your flipbook.
  • The drawings you make should be elaborate to make your flipbook look more complex. If you started with basics, like drawing stick figures, then move on once you’ve mastered it.
  • Try drawing interesting characters and scenery and use some shading techniques as well. Don’t hesitate to add some perspective to your animation for a realistic touch.
  • Make sure you keep the background shading consistent. If the item of your animation is casting a shadow, don’t forget to move the shadow along with its movement.
  • Once it’s done, flip the book and the action of animation come alive.
  • Keep your thumb on the bottom right corner of the stack of sheets and slightly pull upwards while flipping through each page of your animation flipbook.
  • To make your animation fluid than it already is, flip the pages faster. But you tend to skip pages when you flip faster, so take care of that.
  1. You can also Make a Flipbook Using a Video. For this, Follow the Steps Given Below
  • Pick a video that you want to make into a flipbook. The longer the video you choose, the longer will be your flipbook.
  • Use a video varying from 15 to 30 seconds for a perfect flipbook.

  • Upload it on an online flipbook maker that lets you design a custom flipbook from your video. This may not be free, and you will have to pay them for their service. Some customizations will cost you more.
  • Buy your flipbook from the website and wait for delivery. This will take for around 4 weeks.

Tada! Your flipbook is ready to be shown off to your friends and teachers at school.


  • Make sure that you watch videos related to the same before making them in your school.
  • Ensure that you spend time on this activity because the neater the flipbook is, the better is the animation that comes out of it.

How do you make a school flip book?

How do you make a simple flipbook?

How many pages should a flip book be?

Blank Flipbooks (Flip Book) for Animation, Sketching, and Cartoon Creation – 6 Pack, 4.5” x 2.5”, 180 Pages (90 Sheets) :: Thick, No Bleed Drawing Paper with Sewn Binding : Fun, Creative Craft for Kid.

How do you make a flipchart out of paper?

How do you make a homemade flip chart?

How do you make flipbook paper at home?

5 Steps to Make a Flipbook Animation
  1. Get a thick stack of paper. You’ll need a thick stack of small pieces of paper, like sticky notes, notepad paper, or index cards—the kind of paper that is conducive to page-flipping.
  2. Start at the bottom right.
  3. Draw the next image.
  4. Continue the process.
  5. Polish and enhance.

How do you make a flipbook app?

How to build a flipbook app for android device 5246 Views
  1. Step1. Run FlipHTML5 Flipbook Software on Your Computer. Click “Import File” option to import pdf file to the software.
  2. Step2. Click on “Publish to Local” and then click on the “Android App” button to export the app.

How do you flip flipbook?

How do I make a flipbook in Word?

Make word document pages flip horizontally like a book?
  1. 1 Import Word document. Click icon “Import WORD” to load a word document to the right preview box.
  2. 2 Choose template. In the template area, choose one template to dress the word file.
  3. 3 Design Setting.
  4. 4 Add Bookmark:
  5. 5 Apply Change:
  6. 6 Convert To Flipping Book:

What materials do you need to make a flipbook?

What You‘ll Need
  1. Paper.
  2. Pens, crayons or markers.
  3. Collage papers.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Masking tape.
  7. Stapler.

How do I make a small booklet?

How can I make a booklet at home?

How do I make a 4 page booklet?

How do you make an interesting booklet?

Create a booklet or book
  1. Go to Layout and select the Page Setup dialog launch icon at the bottom-right corner.
  2. On the Margins tab, change the setting for Multiple pages to Book fold.
  3. Select and increase the value of Gutter to reserve space on the inside fold for binding.
  4. Go to the Paper tab and select the Paper size.
  5. Click OK.

How do I make a creative booklet for a school project?

To get a booklet layout:
  1. Go to Page Design > Page Setup.
  2. Select Booklet from the Layout Type drop-down menu.
  3. Set Paper Width and Paper Height to desired dimensions – include an extra 6mm on both as your ‘bleed’ area.
  4. Set Margins of at least 3mm and keep all images and text within them.