Nothing is more frustrating than spending half an hour to get your nail done only to have it ruined the instant you put those inside the purse or use itch behind your ear.

Usually, it takes 10-12 minutes which can be a lot if you are in a hurry. Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the process. Here are some suggestions to make your nail polish dry faster.

  1. Use a Quick-Dry Top Coat

  • Get a clear top coat which has been made specifically for reducing the drying time in an easy way for drying nails at a faster rate.
  • Some the quick drying top coats that are available in the market do not come at a cheaper price. The best top coats claim that they add a sheen to your nail. These keep your nails from chipping and dry out the nail polish in just a minute or even less.
  1. Use a Hairdryer

  • Plug in your hairdryer and put it on ‘cool air’ setting prior to starting with the nail painting job. When you are done putting on the nail paint, hit your finger with a cool gust of air from the hairdryer.
  • This works better if you paint one hand then use the dryer and repeat the procedure for the other hand. Using a cool setting is really important in this case. This is because this drying method has been reported to cause burning skins due to the hot hairdryer.
  1. Dip it in Cold Water

  • For this trick, you need some preparation. Prior to painting the nails, take one bowl and fill it up with cold water. Now, add one or two ice-cubes to it.
  • Keep the bowl where you are going to paint your nails. When you complete painting the nails, wait for two minutes and allow the nail paint to set. This makes sure that the paint fully adheres to the nails. Thereafter, dip your nails in cold water bowl.
  • Hold them in water for 5 minutes. As you remove your hand from the bowl, you are going to notice a bead of water on top of your nails. This shows that the nail paint is completely dry.
  1. Apply Thin Coats of Nail Paint

  • This technique will help in saving enough drying time. When you apply several thin coats of the polish, in opposition to 2 thick coats, you give you actually giving the paint time to become dry between each and every application.
  • The best part about this technique is that you get a more even finish. However, you have to practice how much paint you will be putting on a larger surface such as the thumbnail for checking out how thin you will be able to spread the paint.
  1. Use Drying Drops

  • Drying drops are available in all beauty supply store. You will also be able to get them over the internet.
  • Drying drops do not add an extra layer to the manicure, in contrast, to quickly drying top coats.

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