Paintbrushes found in the market are of different varieties but you could easily make a basic one at home as well. It can be a craft project for you or your children which they will enjoy doing as well, gathering the necessary materials and putting them together. Here are five steps to create a paintbrush at home.

  1. Gather the Materials Required

The paint brushes can be made from different materials; here are some materials that you could consider when making your own paintbrush such as:

  • Artificial hair or that of horse’s mane or tail, animal or human hair is often found as supplies at sporting stores.
  • Plant materials like straw, grasses and tree needles are also used; cattail stems and yucca are fibrous plants that are also shredded for creating bristles.
  • Household items such as strips of cloth, foam pieces, cardboard, broom bristles can also be used as well as craft materials like crepe paper, yarn and pom poms.

The material you use for the bristles would be as per the kind of painting job you wish to carry out. If it is for your child to paint on drawing books, cotton buds or pom poms can be used; yarn would produce an interesting effect as well. On the other hand, if you wish to have a standard paintbrush for the painting of walls you need harder bristles that can produce the right effect.

  1. Choose a Handle for the Brush

For a more professional look, you could use doweling. However, when you are scourging your home for a brush handle material you could use tongue depressors, bamboo, sticks or branches from the yard and so forth. It might not be long lasting but it would suffice the painting project at hand.

  1. Get Binding and Adhesive Materials

These are required to hold a brush together. In order to make a brush that is long-lasting and durable you need to use waterproof glue along with elastic or rubber bands as well as string, wire or twine.

  1. Making the Paintbrush

  • Apply glue to 1/4th or a ½ inch on the bottom of the sticks or the material that acts as the bristles of the brush.
  • Stick the end of the handle with the glued ends of the bristle materials.
  • Bind bristles using any binding material like twine or string to hold the bristles in place.
  • Apply glue on the binding material as well.
  • Allow the glue to dry; the time you allow the glue to dry will depend on the kind of glue you use; it is best to leave the bristles and the brush to dry overnight.
  1. Shaping the Bristles

After the glue has dried and you are satisfied with the binding you can proceed to cut the bristles. These can then be cut into shape and length as per your preference. In general, it is best to keep the bristles about one to two centimeters in length. Width can be varied as well. Once these aspects are looked into, your homemade paintbrush should be ready for any painting job you wish to embark upon.

  1. Pay Attention to Bristle Material

The above steps are the basic ways you can create a homemade brush. It would be wise to pay attention to the kind of bristle material you need as well as the firmness you are looking for in the handle. Once you know what you are looking for you can then opt for the same accordingly at a local hardware store or gather the raw materials from wastes that are usually found around the home.