These days, along with your CV or resume, you also need to write a separate letter of intent. It is also known as LOR, letter of recommendation, cover letter and so on. The whole idea around this letter is to convey your interest and experiences. And, preferably through people for whom you have worked for.

This can be completed in five simple steps.

  1. Studying the Job Description

Though people tend to create their resumes once, the LOR is meant to be specific for to a job. That means it has to contain information relevant to the position you are applying for. So, it also means that your referee must adhere to the description properly. The resume shall always dictate the basic facts and is constant for a particular job type or related job types. So, always remember to make it unique and relevant to the position.

  1. Follow Formal Writing Templates

Since this is going to be a formal written communication, it must reflect no notoriety or clumsiness on the part of the applicant. It must be unique, but nevertheless formal and simple. So, you must understand the formal letter writing conventions, to begin with. These are nothing too difficult to master and come from a long tradition in writing letters and following English grammar rules. So, whoever is writing your copy, make sure he knows his work well.

  1. Starting Line Must be Exactly as They Expect it

When writing a letter, people use their own ways to make it influential and engaging. In case of a LOR though, this is not always a necessary condition. Begin with a short and enthusiastic phrase that meets the requirements of their position right away. Refrain from storytelling right from the first line. If your reader or HR loses interest in the first two lines itself, they are probably not going any further too. Understand that your letter is not a personal one and they are not obliged to finish it.

  1. Describe how you Know the Person

If you are writing it for someone else, right after the first two or one sentences, introduce your relation with the person applying for the job and, if you are writing it as a draft for your reference, including this prominently after the first two lines. Explain what he/she means and stand for. You can explain your position and relate the candidate with yourself. Point out what makes him/her unique. Do not refrain from mentioning qualities like work ethics and aggressiveness in work. Apart from actual figures and success stories, these also matter a lot.

  1. Finally, Specifically Explain his Qualifications and Work Experience

Now, it’s time to get very technical about what he has accomplished with you. What he knows and can help you with. Put emphasis on his skills, success stories, accomplishments as an individual and group and other things. Every bit of information helps him go an inch closer to the desired job/position he is applying for.

For a LOR, even if it is for higher studies, the same follows quite well.