To be able to make your own reusable sanitary pads at home is a blessing. It cost much less, is environment-friendly and allows the comfort and leisure you need with your pad. It is custom so it fits properly. Further, you can have them in whichever color you like. Maybe, even patterns of colorful fabric.

  1. Collect Fabric like Cotton Flannel for the Exterior

You can choose between solid colors or patterns from your local cutting and calico store. There are so many different varieties of these sheets and you can use whichever you like the most. There are lots of colorful options here. Cut out a template on a cardstock like a diamond shape. Keep it about 9 inches and 8 inches in both the sides for length and width. This is going to rest on the bottom of your underwear, so choose your fabric nicely.

  1. Instead of Flannel, You can Use Cotton Fabric too

Having made the diamond-shaped flannel/cotton pieces from the template, sew both of them together with their right sides facing inward, the sewing threads on the outside on their boundary. After having done so, cut a small slit in the middle of it, just on one side. Pull out the inward side to outwards just like reversing your t-shirt.

  1. Now, We Create the Pad Liner

Create again a second template on a cardstock. This is rectangular with rounded corners. Keep them about 8 inches in height and 2 and 1/2 inches in width. You have to cut three to five pieces of soft toweling using the template. Use the template to cut out two pieces of the flannel too. But, for the flannel keep about 1 cm more boundary. The toweling will become the liners and the flannel will be the covers. Finally, sew the two pieces of the flannel, cut a slit at the center, and flip it inside out.

  1. Put the Lines inside and Attach Straps

Now, place the liners inside the flannel. Sew it to the bade pad firmly. Also, attach some straps on its sides. Use them to tie the pad to the base of your underwear.

This will hold for 2 hours on a heavy day. Clean it properly and reuse.