Picture this, on your birthday your best friend gets you a nice stylish shoe. It feels heavenly when opening the gift box. Feeling all over the moon is an understatement. When you try to fit on the shoe that’s when reality hits hard. Unfortunately, the shoe is too big for you.  It is heartbreaking and the first thing that comes to mind is giving the shoe away to your friend. But, get those thoughts out of your mind. Read through this article, there is way we can help. You can still wear those stylish shoes.

    1. Pile on the Socks.
    2. Fill the Empty Space.
    3. Invest in Insoles.
    4. Use Ball of Foot Cushions.
    5. Stick in Heel Strips.
    6. Make the Shoes Smaller.
    7. Tighten with Elastic Bands.
    8. Ask a Professional.