Often there is a despair for creating compelling costumes for a fancy dress competition at school or for a charity event. A unicorn is a fun and magical costume that is made for birthday parties for kids. Perhaps, Halloween might find some use too. Who knows? Here, we shall share some ideas and clues to make one on your own.

  1. Use Your Hoodies as Homemade Unicorns

The hoodies are useful for this one time. Bring all the necessary supplies such as felt sheets, lots of cotton for padding and some scissors and sewing material. The felt must be complementary in colors such as white and pink.

  1. Start with Preparing the Mane of the Horse

The felt fabric can be cut into slices with the scissors. Once done with four to five pairs depending on the width, attach them to the hoodie. As a measure, you can take about 2 inches wide and 9 inches long about 5 pairs each.

Start from the front top side of the hoodies towards the back, lay them straight. You can sew them to fix firmly or use some glue to attach them. Don’t forget to cut the ends of the loops if you didn’t already before attaching them.

  1. Now, we Prepare the Ear

To do this we again make use of the felt strips. Prepare two colors, pink inside the white of the shape of ears. These are just simple triangles. Once you are done, lay them with the white below the pink, pink facing front. Attach them on the head of the hoodie towards the front side. This is where the main starts too. Again, you can either sew them firmly or glue them.

  1. The Horn

Finally, prepare a cone-shaped horn with the white felt and stuff with cotton. Affix it on the base.

Before making a permanent placement, try the hoodie and check a little.

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All you need is a box and some art supplies, like craft paper, paint, glitter, and ribbon. Get the tutorial at The Reject Shop. Create a faux fur tail and wrist and leg warmers to transform a simple tights-and-leotard getup into a magical unicorn costume. Make your own horn or shop one online.

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