Waffle fries are a delicious treat to enjoy. Everyone loves potato fries, from kids to adults, you will find them delicious with condiments and burgers. Although potato fries are great, you can try waffle fries, which is another crispy form of fries.

However, some people find it difficult to make waffle fries and tend to buy them in food outlets and fast-food restaurants. On the other hand, if you have ended up reading this article, we will tell you step-by-step how to make waffle fries easily.

Step-by-Step Procedure

Before you start making waffle fries using the steps given below, it is important to know how to cut and prepare potatoes for cooking. We crinkle and/or mandolin cutter is helpful tools that you can use to cut potatoes, especially if you are cutting them by hand.

Required Items

Let us tell you about the items or things you need to make waffle fries. You need potatoes, a crinkle cutter, and a peeler. When it comes to potatoes, you need to choose fresh produce. Make sure to choose the potatoes that are free from molds and discoloration. Most people use French fries to make russet potatoes.

The number of potatoes you need to make waffle fries depend on the amount you want to eat or serve your family. If you have a family with 4-5 people, then you need at least 4-5 big potatoes to make waffle fries.

You can either use a mandolin or crinkle cutter to slice the potatoes. You can make different kinds of cuts. The crinkle cutter comes in different shapes and set of blades. You can use the fluted cutting blade to cut potatoes for waffle fries. The fluted cutting blade allows for making wavy grooves. This is what kids like the most.

Moreover, you can use the crinkle cutter or a knife to make wavy grooves shape of sliced potatoes. Another tool you need is a peeler but this optional. For instance, if you want waffle fries without the skin, use the peeler. Otherwise, waffle fries with skin also tastes delicious.

Step 1: Wash the potatoes

Before starting the process of making waffle fries, you need to wash the potatoes. Clean and rinse them under tap water. We recommend cool water that is food for removing durst. To scrub off bacteria and other contaminants, use the vegetable brush. You must do this carefully, especially, if you want to keep the skin on the fries.

Besides, the skin of the potatoes may contain excess dirt. Therefore, we recommend making waffle fries without the skin. The skin usually contains bacteria and chemical residues, which are harmful to your health. If you have peeled the potatoes, you don’t need to brush them further.

Step 2: Slice the Potatoes

Use a mandolin or crinkle cutter to slide the peeled potatoes. The recommend mandolin is the one that comes with an adjustable thickness feature. So, if you have such a tool, then, set the thickness to 6mm.

You must carefully slice the potatoes and pass the end so that you make a ridged slice. Keep on going to slice all the potatoes. Once you are finished slicing, pour some water on the slices to remove any dirt left on them.

Step 3: Pre-Frying  

To fry the slices, you need certain items like a saucepan or pot (if you want deep frying), oil, paper towel, and plate for serving. To get the most out of your fries, we recommend you to use any seasoning. This depends on your personal preference.

For example, some people like Cajun seasoning. Others prefer flavored powder such as cheese. Don’t forget to add salt to the slices. You can either sprinkle salt before frying or after the frying process. Don’t overpower the flavors. A few teaspoons are enough.

Step 4: Frying the potato slices

First, you need to add four inches of oil in the saucepan or pot. Heat the oil until the temperature reaches 460 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius. You can use the thermometer to check the temperature. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can splash some water droplets into the oil. The sizzling of oil means it is hot enough to add slices of potatoes in it.

Add the slices in the hot oil and allows them to fry for a few minutes. Turn the slices for even distribution of heat and avoid over roasting. Carefully observe the appearance of the slices and take them out when they appear golden brown. If you have more uncooked slices, you can add them to the saucepan after taking out the cooked ones.

The next step is to drain oil. Put the cooked waffle fries onto a plate that has a paper towel set on it. The paper towel will absorb extra oil from the fries.

Lastly, you need to season the fries and then serve your family members or friends. The seasonings depend on your personal preference. You can either add sauce, yogurt, tomato catchup, etc.


Some people like French fries and others like simple potato chips. However, the deliciousness of waffle fries is simply matchless. So, enjoy your favorite waffle fries with seasonings.