It is very important to get the accurate measurements of your body. The reason why people want to have accurate measurements of various parts of their body is mainly for two reasons. People usually want to know the measurements so when working out they can maintain these measurements. Another important reason why people measure their bodies is to get correct measurements for the fitting of clothes.

Keep reading if you are wondering how to measure hips.

What you’ll need:

There is one certain thing that you need to have with you while measuring your hips which is a measurement tape. Make sure that there no marks on the tape. The figures of the tape should not be faded, and it shouldn’t be torn as well. If you have a faulty tape, there are a lot of chances of getting inaccurate results and measurements.

Step on how to measure your hips


First off make sure that you are not wearing any extra clothes or layers. If you have clothes on such as jeans, etc then you might get wrong measurement. this will be because of the bulkiness of the clothes.  The best way to proceed with is to take your clothes off. Measuring in underwear is the perfect option.


Position is very pivotal in getting correct measurements. Standing weirdly can tend to give off wrong measurements as well. Start by standing with both your feet together. Take extra care that there is no space between your feet. Some space between feet can be tolerated but make sure that the space between our legs is no more than the wideness of your shoulders.

Placement of the tape

The next step is the placement of the tape. Place the tape of the widest part of your hips. This should be under your hip bone. Stand in front of a mirror and wrap the tape around the protruding part of your hips.

No twisting of the tape:

Keep the tape leveled and make sure that it does not get twisted while you are measuring yourself. Keep the edge of the tape right in front of your stomach area, revolve the tape around your hips and bring it back to the front.

Things to keep in mind:

Moreover, make sure that the tape isn’t tightly bound on your hips or the measurements will be wrong. In addition to that, one more thing that you have to particular about is that you posture is straight during this entire process. Slumping can result in your hips protruding more and thus the measurement won’t be correct. Similarly, one should not hold in their breath while measuring. One should refrain from sucking in stomach as that can lead to errors in measurement as well. Keep your backbone straight, feet close together and shoulder straight for the correct and apt measurements.

Finally, it is advised that if the entire process of measuring is carried out in front of a mirror, you would be able to get a much better grasp on where to place the tape.

How do you measure hip size?

Where do you measure your hips at?

Hip: The hip measurement is taken at the widest part of the hips (around your bottom!). Do not take this measurement around the waistband of your clothing, or where your hands fall when you “put your hands on your hips.”

Where do you measure hips on a woman?

What size is 48 inch hips?

Step 2: Find Your Size
14 42 44.5
16 44 46.5
18 46 48.5
20 48 50.5

What sizes are considered curvy?

If a woman has a waist size of 27 inches or less and a hip size of 36 inches, she is considered curvy. A hip size of 46 inches and a waist size of 34.5 inches or less is also considered curvy.

Is 36 a big hip size?

36 inch measurement is small in most size charts of popular clothing companies. My hips were 36 inches before I was working out and I was 120lbs, 5’4.

Is 35 inch hips good?

In fact, normal weight women with a waist of 35 inches or higher had three times the risk of death from heart disease compared to normal weight women whose waists were smaller than 35 inches. If you measure your waist and your hips, you can compare the numbers and come up with your waist to hip ratio.

What size is a 36 inch hip in women’s jeans?

Women’s Pants Size Chart (Waist/Hips)
US Size Waist (Inches / Centimeters) Hips (Inches / Centimeters)
12 32–33 in / 81–84 cm 40–41 in / 101.5–104 cm
14 34 in / 86.5 cm 42–43 in / 107–109 cm
16 35–36 in / 89–91.5 cm 43–44 in / 109–112 cm
18 37–38 in / 94–96.5 cm 45–46 in / 114–117 cm
6 déc. 2019

What size is 40 inch hips?

For example: If you have a 32 inch waist, your size is a US-Size M or Euro-Size 42.
Waist (Inch) Hips (Inch) US Size / Internat.
33 – 34 41 – 42 L
35 – 37 43 – 44 L
38 – 39 44 – 45 XL
40 – 41 46 – 48 XL

What’s the average hip size for a woman?

Industry standards set a size 8 at a 35-inch bust, a 27-inch waist, and 37.5-inch hip. In the survey, white women ages 18 to 25 came in, on average, 38-32-41, with white women ages 36 to 45 coming in at 41-34-43. (Barbie, long the plastic bane of body image, is said to have measurements that project to about 39-18-33.)

What is a good hip size?

‘ The ideal ratio in healthy pre- menopausal women ranges between 0.67 and 0.8. In terms of the tape measure, this is produced by waists between 24in and 28in with 36in hips, and waists between 27in and 31in with 40in hips. ‘Men and women lay down fat in different ways,’ Professor Singh says.

What size jeans is 42 inch hips?

Womens Bottoms
Size Jean Size Hip
14 32 42
16 33 43
18 34 44
20 36 45

What size is a 200 pound woman?

Size Chart
Size Weight Height
Small 120 – 150 lbs 5’4 – 5’9″
Small 120 – 145 lbs 5’4″ – 5’9″
Tall 135 – 180 lbs 5’9″ – 6’1″
L/XL 135 – 200 lbs 5’5″ – 6’0″

What does pant size mean?

Each pants size that is labeled in inches includes these two figures. For example, if you have a jeans size 34/32, the number 34 means that you have a waist width of 34 inches. The number 32 then corresponds to a leg length of 32 inches. Then measure the leg length e.g. 32 inches. Your jeans size is 34/32.

What size is 28 in jeans?

Men to Women’s Jeans Size Conversion Chart
Men’s Jeans Size Waist Size (inches) Women’s Jeans Size
25 26” – 26.5” 4
27 27” – 27.5” 6
29 28” – 28.5” 8
31 29” – 29.5” 10

What is a size 28 in Forever 21 jeans?

Size Waist Hips
26 26 34
27 27 35
28 28 36
29 29 37

Is a size 28 a size 6?

Finding the perfect fit online can be difficult, but don’t forget that it’s free to exchange items for a different size.

International size conversion.

Jeans Ready-to-wear US
24-25 XS 2-4
26-27 S 4-6
28-29 M 6-8
30-32 L 8-10

What is a size 8 in jeans?

Jeans & Pants: Misses+
Size Waist Hips
4 28 – 28 1/2″ 36 1/2 – 37″
6 29 – 29 1/2″ 37 1/2 – 38″
8 30 – 30 1/2″ 38 1/2 – 39″
10 31 – 31 1/2″ 39 1/2 – 40″