Spotify is a media services provider established in 2006.

You can enjoy DRM-protected music and podcasts from media companies and record labelsNow, Spotify lets you mute artists of your interestHere is how to mute artists on Spotify.

Mute Artists on Spotify Android

Of course, listening to every artist’s playlists is not possible. Sometimes, you may do not want to listen to the songs or videos of any artist. If that is the case, you can now mute that specific artist.

► Play

  • Tap the Spotify app on your Android device and sign into it with your credentials.
  • Navigate to the artist that you want to mute. Click the ‘Don’t Play This Artist’ button. By clicking the button, you can mute them from your Spotify account.
  • However, songs by any muted artists will still appear on your playlists, radio, and even searches. Spotify ( will ignore them except if you click them or remove the ‘Don’t Play This Artist’ button.
  • It is your wish either to mute or un-mute a particular artist.

Mute Artists on Spotify iPhone

Users want to access an application that gives the control in their hands. This is why Spotify has been loved by many people, as users can change the settings in the Spotify as like they want. If they do not want to listen to any artist’s songs or collections, they can mute them.

  • Tap on Spotify app on your iPhone device. Sign-In with your ‘Log-In’ credentials.
  • You can find artists on the left side of the home screen, click on that. It will take you to the artist’s page.
  • Navigate to the artist that you do not want to listen. Once you open the artist, you can see their song and video collections. Also, you can find an option that reads ‘Don’t play this artist’. Just enable the option or choose the option to mute the artist.
  • Songs and videos of any muted artist would not play until you remove the ‘Don’t Play This Artist’ option.

Mute Artists on Spotify

Spotify has been an excellent song and video streaming application. The only thing that its users have asked for is the control to either block or mute some artists. Spotify has listened to what its users said and launched a feature to block or mute some artists as long as users want.

► Play

  • Visit the official website of Spotify, click ‘Sign-In’, and enter your login credentials. Click ‘Ok’.
  • On the left side of the home page, you can read an option called artists. Click the artist’s option and then the three vertical dots. You can find ‘Don’t Play This Artist’, check mark that to mute a particular artist.
  • Not just one artist, you can must as many as artists you want to mute. You have to follow the same procedure regardless of how many artists you want to mute.
  • You cannot listen to any songs or videos of the muted artists until you un-mute them.


If your version of Spotify does not have the feature to mute an artist, upgrade to the new version.

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