Mute Your iPhone’s Speaker

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  • Mute the ringer. To quickly mute your device, flip down the physical switch above the volume button located on the left edge of your iPhone, and ensure the orange indicator on the button is visible.

Pressing on this switch will make your iPhone display a bell icon with a line that runs through the bell to confirm your iPhone is muted. To take your iPhone back to the ringing mode, you should again go back to the button you used to mute and flip it in front. A bell icon will show in your screen without a slash. Your iPhone will be back to making sounds.

Tip: It is important to note that this option works only for muting notifications and ringer only. Other sounds such as alarms and music will loud, and you can mute them in the next steps.

  • Mute alarms. Since switching your device to silent mode doesn’t affect alarm sounds, you should get to the alarms setting to switch it off by following the steps below.
  • Launch the Clock app
  • Tap on the “Alarms” tab
  • Toggle the alarms switch to off position and your alarms will no longer make sounds

However, if you’d not wish to mute your alarms, you can minimize the ring volume using the volume button connected to your ringtones settings.

  • Mute the music. As said earlier, muting your phone doesn’t affect music, and it can still play the loudest even after flipping the mute switch. Therefore, to turn down your music, you can use either the volume button or head to the app where the music plays and lower the volume. Alternatively, you can use the volume button. When the music is playing, you can use the volume button to put it down and finally mute it.

Mute your Voice on a call

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  • Make a call or receive a call normally and move the iPhone away from your head to keep the screen on. If you keep it closer to your head, it will detect contact and switch off the screen automatically.
  • Tap on the microphone look-alike-button with a slash through it. By doing that, you should be able to hear the other person while the person will not hear anything from your side.

Tap on the “mute” button and hold to put the call “On Hold.” With the call on hold, you can browse through the phone and get back to the call again. To get back on the call, again tap on hold button, and you’ll have a normal conversation.

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