If you are looking to free some space in your kitchen, then you can think about installing the microwave over the cooking range. This can be done by yourself and there is no need to waste money hiring over the range microwave handyman or technicians. 

  1. Preparation Work

You need to make sure that the microwave is secure over the range. If you have an open space over the range, then you need to ensure that there are clamps or metal mounting plate and the studs to attach the microwave to the wall. You need to also ensure that there is a plug point close to the range where you can plug the microwave for it to work. If not, you can always use a high-quality extension box. The tools you need to have ready to install the over the range microwave are screwdriver set, pencil, carpenter’s square, measuring tape, saw, driller, plier, wire cutter, safety goggles, gloves, level, duct tape, etc.

  1. Lookout for Studs

It is very important to fix the over the range microwave on to the studs and not on the wallboard. The studs are very strong and hold the microwave in a secure manner. The wallboard will not be strong enough to hold the cooking appliance and there is a chance for the unit to fall down while working. The studs can be located easily with the help of an electronic stud finder. 

  1. Fixing the Paper Templates

The microwave will be coming with a paper template that can be fixed on to the wall and this will help in easy installation of the unit. The paper template suited for the wall must be fixed in its position using the masking tape. After this, you should take the other paper template that has the drawings to apply it at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet that lies over the cooking range. Once the cabinet template is in position, fix it in place using the masking tape. There are markings on this paper where you need to drill the holes for the vent and the power. Use the right tools to make the required holes.

  1. Installing the Mounting Plate

The mounting plate is the one that will bear the weight of the microwave oven. Hence, it needs to be fixed properly and screwed tightly so that it can hold the unit in place. It is very important that you screw the metal mounting plate on the studs to offer strong support for the oven. 

  1. Bringing the Microwave to its Place 

It is now time that you seek someone’s help as well in moving the microwave oven to the new position that you have created for it. When you are mounting the oven on the studs, you should first make certain that the cord is on the top. Ask the person helping you out to bear as much of weight of the microwave so that you properly hook the oven to the prepared metal mounting plate. You should push the electrical cord of the oven through the hole that you had made earlier.

  1. Bolting the Unit

Make the helper to hold the microwave in position so that you can bolt it to the upper cabinet. The unit has the right ailing screws that can be used to fix the microwave securely on the upper cabinet. After you have tightened the screws a bit, you can ask the partner to let the microwave hang freely and then tighten up the screws properly in its position using the screwdriver and the wrench.

  1. Installing the Fan

The exhaust fan is a very important component of the over the range microwave oven. It needs to be placed in the right position so that it can vent out the air outside of the machine. You need to slide the exhaust fan in its position from the outside. It is very important to make certain that the fan is perfectly in line with the back of the microwave. You can use a strong sealant to hold the fan in its place and to make it water resistant. It is important to screw it properly in the right place.