Knowing how to open an eBay account will help you to start buying and selling items on this auction-based platform.

Following these steps will help you to watch up to 300 listings.

Sign Up Through eBay

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The easiest way to open an eBay account is to create a personal or business account directly on their platform.

  • You will need to provide eBay with your business name or your first and last name.
  • An email address is mandatory for your new account.
  • You will then input a password to establish your eBay profile.

Sign Up Through Facebook

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If you have an active Facebook profile, then you can use it to open your eBay account for the first time.

  • Sign into your Facebook account using the same browser.
  • Allow eBay to access your email address and public profile.
  • Confirm that this is the information you want to use, and then create the account.

Sign Up Through Google

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You can also use your Google account to create a new eBay profile as a way to start buying and selling.

  • Make sure that you are signed into your Google account in the browser.
  • Let eBay access your email address and public profile.
  • Confirm the information, and then create the account.

TIP: When you sign up for an eBay account, you are automatically agreeing to their user agreement and provide an acknowledgment that you read their privacy notice. You may wish to review these items before completing these steps.

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