Google Drive is the cloud repository offered by Google for all its email users.

You have support for saving and uploading, and downloading files across apps.

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Open Google Drive in Laptop

If you already have your Gmail ID, you also have a Google Drive account attached with it. It comes handy for a lot of tasks, including using it for writing documents and sharing files with others.

  • It would be great if you could open, share and download files on the go. When on a laptop, you can go to ‘’, and Sign-In with your Gmail credentials.
  • Alternatively, if you have your email account open, and logged in, you can go to the top-right corner just beside the profile picture.
  • Locate the icon with ‘Nine Dots’ in the form of a square, and click it to expand it. When you do that you can find several Google apps that come bundled with your Gmail, including Google Drive.
  • Click on ‘Google Drive’, and it will launch the app on a new tab by default.

Open Google Drive Account

It would be great if you understood what benefits you get with a Google Drive account. To know more read this article from Google support.

  • To open a ‘Google Drive’ account, all you need to do is get a Gmail email ID.
  • You have to go to ‘’, and then you can find two options: ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’. You must select ‘Personal’, so click on the button that says ‘Go to Google Drive’.
  • This takes you to the next window similar to the login form of Gmail email. You can either type your email ID. In this case, you do not have one, so look below beside the big ‘Next’ button.
  • On the left side of it, you can find the link to ‘Create Account’. When you click on it, you get two options: ‘For Myself’, and ‘To Manage My Business’.
  • Click on ‘For myself’, and you are given the new form to create a Google account, that will give you bundled access as mentioned above.

Open Google Drive in Mobile

When you are using several apps on your smartphone, you would also like to use Google Drive to access files and do usual stuff on the cloud. When you buy an Android smartphone, you get Google Drive by default.

  • Whenever you open any app, or download any file, or want to share any file, you get the option to select Google Drive –
  • Or, you can simply tap on your Google Drive app, and then choose to upload, download or do anything else as you please.


Google Drive has immense compatibility across applications on the computer, iOS, and all sorts of platforms for mobile.

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