An ICA file is a Citrix file format for settings and is in use by Citrix’s servers that deal with applications. It stands for Independent Computing Architecture. You can use ICA editing software to open such file types and it configures information between clients and servers.

How to Open ICA File on Android?

To open an ICA file on an android device, you need to first have a Citrix Receiver. You can use the following steps to download a Citrix Receiver.

  • Go to the Play Store on your Android device and search for ‘Citrix Receiver’. Click upon the first search outcome and then hit ‘Install’.
  • After installing the Citrix Receiver, go to your Google Chrome browser and log in with your Colostate\eID.
  • Then enter your password and log into Citrix. Then hit the fee estimate to download ‘Launch.ICA’. Now the Citrix receiver will open all ICA files.

How do I Open Citrix ICA File on Windows 10?

The Citrix Connection Manager is a convenient way to open Citrix ICA files on windows 10. If you have already installed it then you can perform the following easy steps to open ICA files.

  • First, open the Control Panel and then click on ‘Choose Programs’. After this, click on ‘Choose Default Programs’.
  • Click on ‘Associate a File Type or Protocol with a Program’. After this tap on ‘Choose Default Apps by File Type’.
  • Then there will be a list of file types where you need to select ‘.ICA’ files. Then click on ‘Current Assigned Default App’ and then choose the Citrix Connection Manager.

Open ICA File on Chromebook

Chromebook is a popular device that is in use by a lot of people. In order to open ICA files on a Chromebook, you can perform the following steps.

  • By default, the Chrome OS on the Chromebook will open the file as a text file. To counter this, download a Citrix Receiver.
  • Then right-click on the ICA file that you want to open and click on open with. Then select the Citrix Receiver from that list.

A lot of people working on ICA files own Macs which are made by apple and they operate on iOS. To open an ICA file on a Mac, you need the Citrix Workspace app.

  • The Citrix Receiver is now replaced by the Citrix Workspace app. To download this, go to and search for the Citrix Workspace app.
  • After downloading this app, you can use it to run all ICA files on a Mac. At times you can see a direct prompt to download and save ‘Launch.ICA’ file.
  • This happens when you launch the Citrix Workspace app using your browser.


  • No matter which OS your device operates on, you’ll need a Citrix receiver to open ICA files.
  • Always download and keep a Citrix Receiver handy on your device and use it to open ICA files.
  • You can visit the official website ‘’ and search for the best Citrix Receiver for your device.
  • Always keep your Citrix Receiver up to date and download the latest version possible to avoid all hassles.

What program opens ICA files?

ica file type to open with a program Citrix Connection Manager.

How do I open Citrix Receiver?

Navigate to in a web browser, then click Download Receiver. The newest version available would be Receiver 4.6. Find the downloaded file and launch it. Check the box next to “I accept the license agreement”, then click Next.

How do I open Citrix workspace?

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Open some application. Eg: Browser, text editor.
  2. Open Citrix Workspace app for Chrome or Citrix Receiver for Chrome and then Launch App/Desktop.
  3. Background Application goes blank. i.e. either the browser or Citrix receiver for Chrome / Citrix Workspace app for Chrome storefront page.

How do I open an ICA file in Chrome on a Mac?

For Mac Users:
  1. Locate the launch. ica file downloaded from Chrome (typically in your Downloads folder)
  2. Right-click (control + click) on the launch. ica file and select Open With > Other.
  3. Browse to your Applications.
  4. Select the Citrix Receiver,check the Always Open With checkbox, and click Open.

How do I open ICA files in Chrome?

Chrome will download an “. icafile. This is the file that starts your AppsToGo session. Click on the menu triangle next the ICA file at the bottom of the browser, and select Always open files of this type.

How do I open ICA in Citrix Receiver?

Install the Latest Version of Citrix Receiver. Automatically Open ICA Files. Associate . ica File Type With Citrix Connection Manager.

Enable Citrix ICA Client IE plugin by following the steps below:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to Tools > Manage add-ons.
  3. Select Citrix ICA Client plugin and click Enable.

Why Citrix is not opening?

Download the latest available version to prevent compatibility issues. Navigate to the Citrix Receiver icon >> Advanced Preferences >> About to check the version. Reset the Citrix Receiver if everything else fails. This might cause accounts, apps, and cached files to be removed.

What is Citrix ICA client?

ICA or Independent Computing Architecture is Citrix’s alternative to Microsoft RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol. Just like RDP, ICA is not bound to any platform, thereby allowing Citrix Receiver Client devices running on any platform such as Linux, Unix, Mac, iOS, or Android to remotely access server resources.

What is Citrix Receiver latest version?

Receiver 4.9. 9002 for Windows, LTSR Cumulative Update 9 – Citrix India.

Is Citrix Receiver open source?

Citrix products often include third party code licensed to Citrix for use and redistribution under an open source license. In an effort to better inform its customers, Citrix publicizes open source code included within Citrix products in an open source licensed code list.

Is Citrix Receiver free?

Citrix Workspace app is the easy-to-install client software that provides seamless, secure access to everything you need to get work done. With this free download, you easily and securely get instant access to all applications, desktops and data from any device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Is Citrix Receiver a VPN?

Citrix Gateway is a full SSL VPN solution that provides users, access to network resources. With both full tunnel VPN as well as options for clientless VPN, users can access applications and data deployed on-premises, or in a cloud environment.