Making a model car is a fun and a hobby for many people. When you are making a model car, it is important that you give it the appearance of an original car, otherwise it won’t be as attractive as you want it to be. Here we guide you on how to paint a model car so that you do not face an embarrassing situation.

  1. Spray Paint

At first, you need to create a hanger where you will have your model car. For that, take a wire and fold it in the shape of a triangle. At the bottom of the hanger, fold both the end so that you can create a base on which they stand can stand erect without any support. At the top of the hanger, you need to create a structure where you can hang your car in erect position. Make sure each part of the card is visible to you.

  • Now place the model car over the hangers and check its strength by pressing it with a finger. It should not fall when you are applying an external force.  This is because, when you will spray paint on your model car, it will come with a certain pressure and if the car’s body has not been hanged properly it will fall down and will spoil all your work.
  • Once you have hanged the model car body on a hook and you are sure that it is ready to take the pressure, it is the time to paint it.
  • At first, you have to apply the primer layer. For that, purchase primer spray from any paint shop. The primer will protect your car body from the car paint which you are going to use after this on the body. The car colors contain a solvent which negatively affects the plastic body of the car.
  • Now, open the nosal of paint spray and spray the paint over the entire body. The benefit of painting a model car using this method is that the interior and exterior of the car will be covered at the same time and paint will be evenly distributed on the whole body.

Now let the paint get dry. It will take around 4 to 5 hours for the paint to dry completely.

  1. Cut Some Designs

Meanwhile, cut some designs that you want to put on your car exterior and place it on the primer and let it get dry with the paint. Once your car body is dry, take a sandpaper and rub it with a light hand to remove any extra paint present on the body. During the process, make sure that you are not rubbing the primer layer during the process.

  • Wash of the car body with soap and water and dry it with a microfiber towel to remove any moisture. Keep the car body in the same position to get completely dry.
  • Now, select the color spray that you want to give to your car. Again, hang your model car body on the same hook. Open the nozzle of a spray and gently press the button to blow out the color.
  • Leave the body in the same position. The paint will take 3 to 4 hours to get completely dry.
  • Once the paint dried up on the stand, then remove it from the stand, take it in hand and check if it is ready to go for the next step. If all ok, wash the body with soap and water.

Now, it is the time to work on the leftover part which we covered with paper. You will have to hand paint this part to give a different look to your car body. You use color spay at this place as well after covering the remaining parts of the car’s body.

  1. Hand Paint the Car

In place of color spray, you can use paint and brush to color the car body. Let’s learn the process step-by-step,

  • Take out the color. For painting the body of the model car, you need to take oil paints. But, before applying the color on the body, it has to be painted with primer first. Take white or any off-color primer to cover the first layer. The primer pain will let the oil paint evenly distributed on the whole surface flawlessly.
  • First, make a hanger the same way as we did above and hang the car’s body on it.
  • Apply the layer of primer and allow it to get completely dry.
  • After it is dry, rub the body with the microfiber towel to remove any dust particles stick on the surface.
  • Now, take a broad brush and paint the body with color which you like. Now, leave the body at the same position to let the paint get dry completely.
  • Take out all the small parts of the car and paint it separately with different colors using the pointed brush. Color wheels in black, bumper in different colors.

When you are hand painting the car it is important that you maintain the correct thickness of the paint otherwise it will not give an even look to the car body. If you will use the thinner and paint of the same brand, then the possibility of any mistake will be very less.


To use paint spay correctly, practice using it on paper.