The appearance of white hair is part of the aging process, and there is no way around. The only bypass is if you dye your hair, but that’s a different type of talk. However, what can be done is to postpone the process for a later time. White hair at the early 30s, or in some cases in early 20s is very discouraging. Here we will explain the top 5 causes and the top 5 ways to prevent white hair when it appears earlier than it should.

Top 5 causes of white hair

  1. Genetics

It is the main factor that causes at what age people’s hair starts to lose pigment. In some cases, that can happen even before they enter their 20s, while for others not until old age. In the case of genetics, there is not much can be done.

  1. Melanin Deficiency

In the vast majority of cases, melanin deficiency is the number one cause of white hair. Deficiency of melanin happens because of improper nutrition and lack of certain supplements. The lack of those nutrients is responsible for the fall of melanin below its normal limits.

  1. Hormones

Imbalance of hormones can have a massive impact on the overall pigmentation of your hair.

  1. Certain Medical Conditions

Medical conditions such as B12 deficiency, issues with the pituitary glands and thyroid can easily lead to loss of pigment in the hair.

  1. Stress

A combination of stress with a heavy intake of junk food and alcohol is growing into a major contributor to white hair.

5 ways to prevent premature graying

With the proper diagnosis and treatment, white hair can turn back into its original color. But if the cause is old age or genetics, there isn’t much that can be done. But if it’s not genetics or old age, here is what you can do.

  1. Hibiscus Flower & Indian Gooseberry for Premature Grating

Mix three tablespoons of a hibiscus flower with three tablespoons of amla powder and some water until the mixture turns into a paste. Once the paste looks consistent and feels smooth, apply it on your scalp. Let it stay for around 45 minutes before washing it off with a sulfate-free shampoo.

This combination keeps the scalp healthy and nourishes healthy hair growth. It also prevents the hair from going white.

  1. Sesame for Premature Graying

Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil with two tablespoons of sesame seed oil. Once you are done mixing, apply it on your scalp and massage it for fifteen minutes or so. Next, cover it with a hot towel and let it stay like that for fifteen minutes or so. After the fifteen minutes remove the towel and wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. At the end finish it with a conditioner.

  1. Ridge Gourd for Premature Graying

Pour one cup of coconut oil and half a cup dried ridge gourd into a jar and let it stay there for three to four days. Make sure that the jar is air-tight. After that, grab two tablespoons of the mixture and slightly warm it up. Apply it on your hair and gently massage it for fifteen minutes or so. Next, let it soak on your hair for an additional thirty minutes after which you can wash it off with a sulfate-free shampoo. This mixture restores hair’s natural color and revitalizes its roots.

  1. Henna for Premature Graying

Combine one tablespoon of brewed coffee with five tablespoons of henna and one cup of water. Once they are well mixed (there shouldn’t be any lumps), apply it on your hair. Let is stay for three to four hours, after which period you can wash it off. Henna doesn’t reverse premature graying, but it adds rich reddish tone to the hair which covers the graying.

  1. Onion Juice For Premature Graying

Cut one mid-size onion into tiny pieces and mix it with one tablespoon of olive oil. Find a cheesecloth and squeeze all the juice from the mixture. Next spread it all over your scalp. Massage it for ten minutes or so before leaving it for half an hour or so. Afterward, wash it off with a shampoo that is sulfate-free. It is proven scientifically that this mixture prevents hair loss and reverts premature graying.