The key fob has become a staple when it comes to the automotive world. The use of these is as extensive as the power windows of your car. You need to know a remote is usually programmed to work with a particular vehicle. Generally, the vehicle comes with a couple of remotes which is programmed to be used with it. If you lose it, you can order one. However, once you have it, you will have to program it. Here are the steps to program a key fob.

  1. Use Driver’s Side Power Lock for Locking the Doors

Get inside the car from the driver’s side and lock all the doors. Use the power lock button on the door panel of the driver’s side. Make sure that the driver’s side door is unlocked.

  1. Insert and Remove Key into Ignition
  • Since you want your key fob to enter into the programming mode, it is necessary to insert and then fully remove the key from the ignition. Do this for six to seven times at least within ten seconds without turning it. You need to count from the very first second between each key removal and placement.
  • Keep inserting and removing your key until you notice the hazard lamp gets lit. Keep in mind that the reprogramming system of the key fob is sensitive to time. If you proceed with at a fast pace or for that matter too slow then it might not work. In case it doesn’t, try another set and make sure that you see the hazards blink two times.
  1. Turn Key to ACC Mode

Once you get the confirmation from the hazard light, insert you into the ignition. However, it is now time to turn the key to Accessories Mode or ACC.

  1. Push the Lock Button of Fob Once

Within five seconds of completing the previous step, you have to push the lock button on the key fob once. As you do this, the hazard light will flash again. This is to signal that the reprogramming procedure is complete. However, you will have to keep in mind that if you press the button more than once then the reprogramming might fail.

  1. Program the Rest of the Remotes

In order to program the rest of the key fob, you need to use the switch that you will find on the driver’s seat for unlocking and then locking all the doors. Just after five seconds of putting your vehicle door on lock, you need to press lock on the following key fob which has to be programmed. Keep in mind that the hazard is going to light up as a signal that each of the programmings is successful.

  1. Turn Off the Key and Remove it

As you reprogram all the remote, it is necessary to turn all key off. Also, you will have to remove it from the ignition.

  • Now, you are ready to come out of the car, close the door, and then test each and every newly programmed key fob. It should be able to lock and also unlock the doors.
  • In case it doesn’t work, start with the process once again. Hopefully, you have been able to program your key fobs successfully.

This common process might take a couple of tries to get it right. Every time you try out the programming sequence, you have turned on and off the vehicle before you start. In case you find out that there is some problem with the vehicle as if the power lock isn’t functioning or gauges aren’t working in a proper manner, get in touch with a mechanic.