Having been allowed to make customizations is a great thing. Spotify, a music app does allow its users to modify the collaborative and personal playlist picture. But, it is not sure and completely clear to many first time users. Here we shall outline 3 simple to remember steps to change your Spotify playlist picture to a custom one.

  1. Try to See if it’s a Web App or Desktop, Windows/Mac

One of the things that people have complained most often is their inability to modify or see any controls or settings to do so. In many cases, the settings do not present the option to edit. In many cases, you cannot find any “Pencil” icon. Users have responded to noticing different forms of controls on Windows and Mac. In Mac, especially for the desktop app, this setting is provided in more than one form. For others, you just have a “Play” option only. This is also the case for early users of the web app and for a mobile app. So, you have to find out two things:

  • If it is a Desktop app or something else.
  • If you are using Windows or Mac.
  1. It is Simple in Mac

On a Mac, provided you are using the Desktop app, the process is very simple. It is so quick and rudimentary that you don’t need to follow any tutorial either. On hovering over your playlist picture, you directly get the option to make edits to it. Remember that you can only edit your own personal playlists and collaborative ones which you have permissions to. The edit option is seen as a pen or pencil icon hovering over the picture. On clicking this, a pop-up window appears which shows all the details about the playlist picture. Here you can notice the actual option of telling “Chose your picture”. Once you have done that, it brings you another pop-up window allowing you to browse through your folders and directories to open an image.

  1. Replace or Continue with the Image

The image takes a few seconds to load for the first time. Usually, when you create a playlist, the thumbnails of the songs itself are combined to form a custom playlist picture for you. So, when you have gone through selecting an image through the browser dialog, you can readjust it, or replace it right away without doing all that from start.