Having been allowed to make customizations is a great thing. Spotify, a music app does allow its users to modify the collaborative and personal playlist picture. But, it is not sure and completely clear to many first time users. Here we shall outline 3 simple to remember steps to change your Spotify playlist picture to a custom one.

  1. Try to See if it’s a Web App or Desktop, Windows/Mac

One of the things that people have complained most often is their inability to modify or see any controls or settings to do so. In many cases, the settings do not present the option to edit. In many cases, you cannot find any “Pencil” icon. Users have responded to noticing different forms of controls on Windows and Mac. In Mac, especially for the desktop app, this setting is provided in more than one form. For others, you just have a “Play” option only. This is also the case for early users of the web app and for a mobile app. So, you have to find out two things:

  • If it is a Desktop app or something else.
  • If you are using Windows or Mac.
  1. It is Simple in Mac

On a Mac, provided you are using the Desktop app, the process is very simple. It is so quick and rudimentary that you don’t need to follow any tutorial either. On hovering over your playlist picture, you directly get the option to make edits to it. Remember that you can only edit your own personal playlists and collaborative ones which you have permissions to. The edit option is seen as a pen or pencil icon hovering over the picture. On clicking this, a pop-up window appears which shows all the details about the playlist picture. Here you can notice the actual option of telling “Chose your picture”. Once you have done that, it brings you another pop-up window allowing you to browse through your folders and directories to open an image.

  1. Replace or Continue with the Image

The image takes a few seconds to load for the first time. Usually, when you create a playlist, the thumbnails of the songs itself are combined to form a custom playlist picture for you. So, when you have gone through selecting an image through the browser dialog, you can readjust it, or replace it right away without doing all that from start.

How do I change my Spotify picture on iPhone?

How do I edit my Spotify playlist on iPhone?

How do you add a description to a Spotify playlist on iPhone?

Add a playlist cover image
  1. Tap (iOS) / (Android) at the top of the playlist.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Tap Change Image.
  4. Choose an image then tap Save.

How do you add a description to a Spotify playlist?

Just click on the playlist you want to add a description to (it must be your own), and click on the playlist name. It will then allow you to add a description!

Do you have to have Spotify Premium to change playlist picture?

1. First open the playlist that you have created, and click on the three dots option to open its menu, and select Edit Playlist. 5. Click on save to set the picture as the cover image.

How do I edit playlist description?

Changing playlist covers can be done using the desktop and mobile Spotify apps. That includes Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and the web player. Spotify Premium is not required for this feature.

How do you edit someone else’s playlist on Spotify?

To edit a playlist that they have created, users simply need to navigate to the playlist and then tap the ellipsis menu at the top right that looks like three vertically stacked dots. Tapping ‘edit playlist‘ will then open the editing screen where Salman7236 spotted the potential update.

How do I edit my playlist on Spotify Bio?

It will open a menu of all your playlist options. Scroll down and tap Make collaborative on the menu. This will turn the selected playlist into a collaborative playlist. When you make a playlist collaborative, others can edit the playlist by adding, removing or shuffling songs.

How do I see a Spotify playlist description?

This will open the playlist page on Spotify. Now, hit the three-dot icon in the top-right corner. In the menu that appears, select “Edit Playlist.” When you do that, you will see the “Edit Playlist” page, where you can change the playlist’s name, picture, and description.

How long can a Spotify playlist description be?

You should be able to see the description by heading to the playlist and swiping left on the cover. It’ll show the description, who made the playlist and the play-time of all the songs.

What is the purpose of Spotify?

The field limits descriptions to 300 characters when you make a playlist.

Is Spotify owned by Google?

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators all over the world. Basic functions such as playing music are totally free, but you can also choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium.

Who uses Spotify the most?

Google/Alphabet is announcing its acquisition of Spotify in a deal valued at $43.4 billion in cash and equity. The acquisition, first reported by the Financial Times with additional details supplied by Bloomberg, gives Google/Alphabet a much stronger position in the music subscription space.

Why is Spotify so popular?

As of 2019, Europe accounted for more Spotify users than any other region in the world, with around 95 million monthly active users. The popular Swedish streaming service also had strong markets in both North America and Latin America, which accounted for 27 and 22 percent of Spotify’s total MAUs respectively.

Why is Spotify bad?

Spotify makes music discovery extremely easy while also making it easy to listen to the songs you already love. Their concept of “Radio” will play songs similar to a starting point, which could be an individual song or even a playlist. Spotify isn’t just in the music business, but it is moving into the audio business.