1. Buy at least two rolls of a ribbon having different colors

Though the size of the ribbon required can vary depending on the size of your Christmas tree, 30-50ft would be enough to cover the size of most trees. In addition to that, select a ribbon having 2-4 inches width to give reasonable loops and keep your receipt safe to help you return the unused ribbons and get a refund.

Tip: To achieve a long-lasting beauty, use a wire ribbon with sheer texture as they are not only beautiful but can maintain shape over a long time.

  1. Cut three strips from the main ribbon measuring 3 ft each

Though you can cut ribbons of shorter length or longer lengths, 3 feet, the long ribbon is easy to work with. You can cut a few or more ribbons to make fantastic decorations. Cut a few more ribbons while arranging the strips.

  1. If you’re using a real tree, it’s time for decoration, and fluff is using an artificial tree

Fluffing helps to fill gaps left between bunches of branches. After that, separate the springs around each branch and orient them upwards. Ensure you position your springs on the outermost side facing you so that they can hide the trunk.

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Tip: Ensure you’ve strung the lights before you start wrapping your tree to give you a comfortable time and hide the light wires from appearing.

  1. Start creating a basic wrap

Decide on the spot from which you can start wrapping up your tree. We prefer starting from a place at the back of your tree to help you hide your ribbon tail. Have it mind that there’s no wrong and right branch to start from. All you should do is to select your favorite spot to start from, as long as it’s at the back of the tree.

  1. Tuck your ribbon ends around the desired sprig

Find the best starting point at the back and fasten your ribbon around any branch at the spot and ensure you bend the ribbon upward to keep your ribbon tail secured. If you’re using a mesh, you can tuck it in the inside branches as well as on the outer branches. In addition to that, a mesh ribbon always ticks easily on pine trees.

  1. Start making your shape by looping the ribbon through the branches

After fastening the tail of the ribbon, it’s now time to start weaving your ribbon through to make the shape of a roof. You can also pull your ribbon through on a diagonal pattern to add more uniqueness and beauty.

  1. Create a billowed tuft

After you’re through making a fluffy and puffy shape, push the center of your loop inside towards the tree trunk and wrap it around a branch inside the tree. As you secure the center of the ribbon, avoid pulling the ribbon tightly. Also, always push the ribbons upwards instead of pressing the ribbon downwards.

  1. Make the second tuft

Just in the same way, you designed the first tuft by securing your ribbon at the center, create the second tuft. From a 3 Ft ribbon, you should have two tufts.

  1. Start another piece of ribbon diagonally from the first spot

Select the best spot and tuck the ribbon to a string towards the tree trunk and make the second tuft with the piece of ribbon.  You can also cut another piece of ribbon.

  1. Continue wrapping up your tree

Make loops of virtually the same size, though not strictly the same size but average. Continue fluffing your Christmas tree as you place your ribbons.

  1. Start accessorizing your Christmas tree

After you’ve gone around the tree with the first ribbon, add a second round of ribbon to the remaining blanks to fill the spaces fully. Try to make two 3 ft tufts using one ribbon.

  1. Create an additional loop by layering two ribbons, one on top of the other

Stack two ribbons and work with it as one strip. Also, ensure you put a thinner ribbon at the top of a thicker one and continue making your poufs all over the tree.

  1. Add embellishments

When you’re through with adding ribbons, you can start sticking ornaments and other decorations to give your tree shape and dimension.

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