Removing the wallpaper could be a long and tedious process, but you can make it easy by going behind the necessary steps. Removing the wallpaper depends on the type of the wall you are dealing with and the type of the wallpaper you are having.

The following points will let you know how to remove the wallpaper from the wall.

  1. Do the Basic Things

Once before removing the wallpaper from the room, you need to look around the room and make sure about the things that need to be protected.

  • You need to first cover the floor with a drop cloth or bed sheet, know how much area of the floor should be covered, so cover the floor according to it.
  • You need to turn off all the circuit breakers that carry to outlets and lights. If you are removing wallpaper at night times, then you can have the torchlight or halogen work lamp.
  • You are going to use water to remove the wallpaper. The water can bring a fire hazard. So, you need to cover the outlets with power and without power with tape.
  • You need to remove the wallpaper based on the type of wall you are having. If it is drywall, you should take care as it will be easily damaged.
  1. Type Of Wallpaper

Next, the type of wallpaper matters a lot in removing the wallpaper.

  • Is it a stripable wallpaper, then you can remove it easily.
  • If the wallpaper has a peelable top layer, then you cannot easily remove the wallpaper.
  • If it is traditional wallpaper, then wallpaper steamer or stripping solution should be used to remove the wallpaper.
  1. Removing Strippable Wallpaper

Be it the easy to remove wallpaper, removing this wallpaper can be done in minutes.

  • You need to find a loose corner to pull off the wallpaper.
  • If the wallpaper sheet tears, you need to address the new corner and start pulling it again.
  • Wash away the leftover glue.
  1. Remove Wallpaper with Top Peelable Layer

In this case, the surface layer of the wallpaper can be easy to peel away, but the bottom paper layer will stay on the wall still.

  • You need to start pulling the wallpaper from the loose top layer. Only the top layer will be peeled off and the back paper will remain.
  • Spray water on the backing paper of the wallpaper, which is staying on the wall, to remove the wallpaper. You can spray water on the backing wallpaper as many times as you require removing the wallpaper.
  • Scrape off the backing paper and wash away the glue.
  1. Remove Traditional Wallpaper

You can either use the scoring tool or sandpaper to create holes on the wallpaper. The holes on the wallpaper will allow the removing solution to penetrate on the wall. According to the type of the wall, you can use the scoring tool or sandpaper.

  • You need to fill a bucket with hot water and add a vinegar solution into it. Now, you can use a paintbrush or roller to soak into the removing solution.
  • A spray bottle can be easy to apply the removing solution on the wall. You need to work on one portion of the wall at a time.
  • Let the removing solution stay on the wall for 20 minutes and peel off the wallpaper. Wash off the glue.


If you are not comfortable using the stripping solution, you can remove the traditional wallpaper with a wallpaper steamer too. You can buy or rent the steamer.

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