Spiders have the potential to scare even the strongest of us. This problem becomes magnified if you have children in your house who are afraid of spiders. To make your job of keeping spiders away from your home easier, we bring you a piece on how to repel spiders.

  1. Keep the Trash Covered and Away from Your Home

How to Repel Spiders Keep Trash Covered

Garbage always attracts insects especially if it’s left uncovered. These insects act as a food source for spiders.

  • Ensure that you always place a lid on the garbage bin.
  • Keep wet waste and dry waste separate and ensure that you dispose of the wet waste regularly.
  • Flies over that hover over the garbage are a rich source of food for spiders.
  • Take your garbage outside the house in a covered bin from time to time.
  1. Keep the Outdoor Lights Turned Off

How to Repel Spiders Lights

Outdoor lights tend to attract a lot of insects and these insects, in turn, attract spiders that come to eat them.

  • Keep your outdoor lights turned off unless absolutely necessary.
  • Consider using lesser intensity covered lights to attract lesser amounts of insects.
  • Shift the location of your outdoor lights away from windows and doors.
  1. Install Wire Meshes on Windows and Keep Them Closed

How to Repel Spiders Wire Mesh

You can install wire meshes on windows to prevent entry of spiders. Keep these meshes and windows closed to avoid the entry of spiders and insects.

  • Keep the wire mesh closed during all times so that insects followed by spiders don’t enter your house.
  • During the night time when the lights are on inside your house, make sure that all windows and doors are properly closed.
  • Install curtains in front of the wire meshes to shield the escape of light from your windows which attract insects.
  1. Get a Cat

How to Repel Spiders Get a Cat

While getting a pet may be the last idea you come up with, it is actually a pretty effective way to repel spiders.

  • Getting a cat will act as an effective deterrent against spiders.
  • Cats will chase any spiders they see.
  • Cats will even eat the spiders that they see here and there.
  1. Grow Eucalyptus

How to Repel Spiders Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is an effective deterrent against spiders so you can grow it in your garden or grow it indoors as a houseplant.

  • Spiders will not venture close to areas where eucalyptus is grown.
  • Eucalyptuses require very little maintenance and hence are easy to grow.
  • Spiders hate the odor that Eucalyptus plants give off and hence they act as effective deterrents against spiders entering your home.
  1. Place Cinnamon Powder

How to Repel Spiders Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon powder is another natural and useful compound that you can use to drive away spiders.

  • Place cinnamon powder in the corners of your home to stop spiders from nesting there.
  • Spiders scurry away the moment they smell cinnamon.
  • If you can identify the places of entry to spiders into your home, you can place cinnamon powder there.
  1. Place Lemon Peels

How to Repel Spiders Lemon Peels

Lemon peels have a high amount of citric acid in them which act as a deterrent against spiders.

  • Spiders hate citrus so they avoid regions where lemon peels are placed.
  • Make sure that you place fresh lemon peels and not powders.
  • The citric acid is sure to drive away spiders that try to infiltrate your home and make it their home.
  1. Spray Vinegar

How to Repel Spiders Spray Vinegar

Sometimes, fresh peels and powders don’t quite cut it. In such a case you can opt for mixing water and vinegar and spraying this mixture around your house.

  • Spraying vinegar will allow you to reach little crooks and crevices which couldn’t be reached earlier.
  • Vinegar has acetic acid which is believed to be toxic to spiders.
  • Spiders will stay away from areas sprayed with a mixture of vinegar and water.
  • This method is widely used since it is safe and non-toxic.
  • Spray this mixture around your windows and doors to prevent entry of spiders.
  1. Use Peppermint

How to Repel Spiders Peppermint

If you have young ones at home, other household remedies may not appeal to you due to their bad smell.

  • Peppermint has been used as a spider deterrent for a long time.
  • This method is widely favorable by households which have children.
  • Peppermints have the added benefit that they smell good apart from providing a good deterrent value.
  1. Clean up Regularly

How to Repel Spiders Clean Regularly

Spiders choose the most isolated spots to make their nests. They look for places where it’s dusty and where they feel they won’t be disturbed. Over time they may end up making thick meshes of cobwebs.

  • Make sure that the areas in and around your house are cleaned regularly.
  • Ensure that you clean the corners and crevices properly.
  • Don’t let dust and dirt accumulate anywhere in the house.
  • Use a long broom to clean the corners of the room and the roof.
  • Remove any small cobwebs that you see around the house quickly before they become bigger.
  1. Keep Fruits and Vegetables Washed and Covered

How to Repel Spiders Keep Fruits Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables attract flies which in turn attract spiders.

  • To avoid this vicious cycle, wash your fruits and vegetables regularly.
  • Keep all fruits and vegetables in the fridge or covered with a cloth or cloth mesh.


  • Try to combine more than one household method to attain higher levels of deterrence against spiders.
  • First try household methods since they are easy, cost-effective and non-toxic to children.
  • Make sure that you choose the best possible locations to apply the various powders and peels that are recommended.

Try to avoid killing lizards since they eat spiders and keep their numbers under control.