Squirrels are like rodents that are present all around the world.

They can be found in your yard or garden and then can turn them into hell by destroying and eating the plantsThey can even spread infection if you come in contact with their urineSo, it is always a good idea to stay away from themHere are some home remedies by which you can get rid of them easily.

  1. Remove the Attractants

Permitting sources of food or even debris to be accumulated in your garden is quite similar to inviting the squirrels to present there down for a meal. So, maintain neatness and cleanliness of your garden in order to avoid attracting these tree-dwellers which are present nearby.

  • First of all, rake up all of the fallen fruits, acorns, birdseed and berries.
  • Properly clean up any remaining pet food, food or drinks.
  • Remove all of the trash and thereafter make sure to secure the bins of garbage. They may easily get attracted to the bins.
  • Remove the feeders of bird from your yard. Or you can also replace the birdseed with a kind that squirrels usually do not like at all, like nyger or safflower.
  1. Limit Their Accessibility

Once a squirrel has made its nest on any of your property, it becomes cumbersome to compel it to change its place. You can prevent or reduce the damage to a large extent by taking some steps to limit the ability of squirrel to invade your property or bird feeders.

  • Squirrels can easily leap across a distance of at least 10 feet; so just trim any limbs of the tree that cross this threshold limit.
  • Cover nearby telephone or electrical wires with the tubing of plastic (so that squirrels cannot balance on it), in order to limit their access to the roof of your property.
  • Use a guard of chimney and repair/close all of the holes that may be entering into your house.
  • Switch onto bird feeders which are squirrel-proof or a baffle of squirrel to your present feeder.
  1. Try to Identify the Activities of Squirrel

It is of utmost importance to know about the location and nature of your damage done by squirrel along with their paths of traveling so that with this knowledge you can select the method of control which is best suited for you. Some destructive activities may include.

  • Excavating of seeds and bulbs, stealing berries and fruits.
  • Pilfering seeds of birds from the feeders and girdling of trees.
  • Gnawing through the siding of wood and nesting in the attic.
  • Digging small sized holes in your yard in order to hoard or collect food.
  1. Choose the Methods Best Suited to Control the Squirrel

Once you are well-versed with the whereabouts and habits of squirrel, you will be on the right track of choosing the control methods that may be best suited for you. The more solutions you will opt for, the better your opportunities will be to get rid of squirrels.

  • Use a live squirrel trap to get rid of squirrels. Select a cage trap of small size with a trigger plate (sensitive) that will respond to lightweight animals.
  • Place your trap on a surface along a path of squirrels.
  • Bait trap by positioning the seeds of sunflower towards the trap’s back behind the plate of the trigger.
  • Set the trap and then check it regularly.
  1. Squirrel Repellents

Applying a squirrel repellent which is powerful will help in preventing the disastrous chewing and will keep the squirrels from reaching certain problematic areas.

  • Spray the repellents of liquid onto the surfaces like lawns, bulbs, trees, soil and bird feeders in order to keep the squirrels off.
  • And it will also prevent them from digging and gnawing.
  • Sprinkle the repellents of granular all around the structures’ perimeter, gardens, and plants to avoid their entry.
  1. Electronic Repellents

Reinforce the deterrents of taste with the repellents of electronic, which will use spontaneous bursts if the water in order to frighten away the squirrels approaching. These repellents are usually versatile, eco-friendly and can also protect virtually any of the area around your garden.

  • Carefully placing a repellent (electronic) within a patch of berry in order to prevent the squirrels from stealing your fruit.
  • Place a device (hose-free) on a rooftop which is flat to keep off the squirrels.
  • Surround your house with multiple devices for creating a barrier (squirrel-repelling).
  1. Mesh Fencing

Install the fencing of mesh in front of openings (structural), under the porches and also around the vegetation for excluding squirrels from all these areas.

  • Create a barrier which is “L” shaped in order for excluding squirrels from the foundations or also access to porches/crawlspaces.
  • The mesh should also penetrate the ground almost 1 foot.
  • Construct a cage of mesh around all of the bulbs or also even the whole garden in order to keep squirrels out.


  • Repellents should also be applied at the very maiden signs of the activity of squirrel for preventing them from establishing any habits or patterns in your property.
  • The best repellents of squirrel repel by their taste, which will cause irritation on the encounter.
  • Utilizing a lot of solutions for squirrel control will lead to the most effective defense.

Forthwith take the action if squirrel does get in the property to prevent full infestation.

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