If a person is not a regular user of iCloud it would be difficult to understand as how to use iCloud so as to restore your contacts.

Mostly people believe that iCloud is used for storing images and contacts but it is used more than thisYou can easily use your PC to retrieve the contacts? Now the question is how to do that if known will be of great help.

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How to Retrieve Contacts from iCloud?

In case the contacts are being deleted from your iPhone by mistake, then you ought to recover them out, or you will lose them all the time. But, in case you have backed up the contacts with the iCloud earlier, then there are the chances to recover contacts.

  • Preview and Selectively Recover the Contacts

If you have deleted some essential contacts for your iPhone, rather than restoring from the old iCloud backup, you ought to just retrieve the contacts from iCloud backup. Don’t try to insist on restoring the iPhone, otherwise, you definitely would land up in losing data that is stored on your iPhone. The recover (iOS) of Dr.Fone – https://drfone.wondershare.com/guide/ios-transfer.html get the scan the iCloud backup report and let you preview the required contacts. After that, you then just want to pick the needed contacts and retrieve through the iCloud backup file.

  • Select the Recovery Mode

As you opt for running Dr.Fone on the PC, just go to the recovery section. Join the iPhone to the computer and choose to recover through the iCloud backup file. After that, you login into the iCloud account.

  • Scan and Download the iCloud Backup to Get the Data

Once you have got logged in, then the detection will be done by the program the iCloud backup documents in the account by itself. Then, the iCloud backup files list will get displayed. You have to choose the one from which you want the contacts and press the button below i.e. ‘downloaded’ to start downloading. From the pop-up window, choose only the download contacts section. That will save your time for getting the files from iCloud backup.

  • Preview and Get Recover Your Contacts

After doing a scan, you could preview the extracted data in iCloud backup in brief. Select the ‘contacts’ and then you could check the details of every item. Select the one which you wish to recover, and then click the ‘Recover’ button in order to save the file in your computer. That’s it. You will get back the contacts by using iCloud.

How to Restore iPhone Contacts from iCloud?

In order to get back the contacts from the backup of iCloud, you are supposed to do it with some well-organized data recovery tool. It will also help you to scan iCloud backup file which will permit you to see all your deleted contacts, after that you can easily select the needed ones to get back to iPhone. Some of the features are:

  • It permits to get back iPhone data through scanning the iPhone or iCloud backup or take the data or even can take the data from the iTunes backup files.
  • It also supports the selection of the restore files and also previewing them or bringing back the contacts to the PC or iPhone XR just through few clicks. The most important part is you should not erase the procedure of restoring.
  • It also helps in getting back different types of messages, data covering, voice memos, notes, photos, videos, etc.

Steps to Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup Quickly and Easily

Years before this situation were a major concern but now it is a little inconvenience which has a proper solution. iCloud is a great solution for this issue and also permits people to get back their contacts on PCs. Restore the contacts is not that complicated and can be done with keeping few things in mind such as:

  • Open up the “PhoneRescue” and get connected to your iPhone.
  • Just click to move to the download page of PhoneRescue > open it in your PC > now just link your PC to your iPhone in case you desire to retrieve the contacts in your iPhone > Choose “Recover from iCloud” > after that just click Right Arrow button.
  • Next you have to Sign the iCloud with scanning of the contacts.
  • Just Log in to the iCloud account > choose the backup of iCloud where you can download it > go to the Arrow button and click it> check the pack of Contacts and just uncheck others > after that just click OK.
  • All the contacts which are present in the iCloud backup now will be downloaded in the computer. Authenticate to scan the content of backup.

iCloud backup

In case you desire to see the contacts in the iCloud backup, then you need to just select the Scan Backup, and in case if you desire to evaluate the contacts which are there in the iOS device and in the iCloud backup, then just choose the Compare button.

  • Look at the contacts which you were wanting.
  • As you will click on preview all the contacts will be displayed. Choose the contacts, click on the device tab or computer tab you will restore them.
  • Thus apart from this, there are some other ways also which can be used but you need to follow the one which is better for you and which is satisfying your needs.

How to Restore the Contacts to Android?

It happens sometimes in the Android set that due to some reason you are not able to get your contacts and it must be the case that you have lost them. In that given condition just follow the simple steps to get your contacts back:

  • Just unlock the “Contacts” app.
  • Now at the top right corner just press on the menu.
  • It’s written “Contacts to Display” click on it.
  • Choose “All Contacts” and you will be able to retrieve the contacts.


  • Always follow the instructions or the steps so as to get the desired output.
  • Make a list of things to be performed so that you should not miss any point.

There are YouTube videos also available which you can see at any point in time.

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